Your Business Partner for Billboard Advertising in Gauteng

An advertising billboard can go a long way to target a broad audience and drive more people to your business. If you need a business partner for billboard advertising in Gauteng, Brand IQ is your solution! We offer 100+ outdoor advertising locations across Gauteng and South Africa to give your business the means to compile an effective outdoor marketing strategy. We can also provide valuable data on each of our locations – giving you an insight to traffic volumes, popularity, and average audience reach.

The Process of Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertisements typically run for a minimum period of 28 days or a month on a specific location. When choosing Brand IQ, you get the benefit of several outdoor locations that you can book. We recommend a 3-month planning period to book the billboard locations in advance and avoid any overlaps. You can either book a single location for a couple of months or book several locations to rotate your ad between them. You also have the option to run multiple ads simultaneously. Once the planning is done, the creative elements of your billboard skin become the primary focus.

Designing and Producing a Billboard Advertisement

For the creative elements, Brand IQ can provide our professional services to design your billboard advertisement. We can also provide specific dimensions and resolutions if you wish to take care of the design on your own. When you are satisfied with your ad, the skin must be printed and produced before it can be installed. We can provide your business with production quotations or with the necessary information to produce the skin on your own. All that remains, is to install the skin on the booked location.

The Relevance of Billboard Advertising in a Digital World

Many businesses prefer a more direct approach to marketing – utilising online marketing solutions to target specific users on specific platforms. With billboard advertising, the approach is to cast a wide net and put up an ad that everyone can see and act on if they are interested. Your billboard advertisement can be utilised to grow your brand, inform people about a new product/service/nearby location, or promote a special. With a digital billboard, you can run multiple ads on a single location over the course of a day – enhancing your outdoor advertising prospects.

The Benefits of Digital Outdoor Advertising

The future of billboard advertising lies with digital billboards that can display various types of media as opposed to a conventional billboard that only displays a static image. With digital billboards, the sky is the limit – allowing you to run multiple ads that target specific audiences throughout specific times of the day and night. This also cuts down on production costs and turn-around times, as only the digital ad is required for display purposes.

When you need a business partner for advertising billboards in Gauteng, Brand IQ is your answer! We can assist you throughout the entire process of booking, designing, producing, and installing your billboard ads. Please browse our website for details on our available outdoor advertising locations and accommodating services and feel free to contact us today with any enquiries on how we can assist your business.

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