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Get your brand noticed

Outdoor & Billboard Advertising


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Dominate the Skyline

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If you own a property on a busy road or on a location that reaches a big audience you can partner with Brand IQ to become an out of home landlord and earn additional revenue for your property. The benefits to you as the landlord are: #1 in Billboard Advertising 

No additional cost


No capital expenditure required to get a billboard in place.​

Every Step


Every aspect of the installation, maintenance and insurance is managed by Brand IQ​

Project management


BrandIQ is responsible for the sales as well as the management of the site.​



The only responsibility of the landlord is providing property access to Brand IQ.​



More About Billboard Advertising in South Africa

There are many reasons why outdoor advertising, otherwise known as billboards, is one style of marketing that will never go out of style.

At BrandIQ, we know the visual power of persuasion that out of home advertising, such as billboards are renowned for having, and over our years of working in the exciting world of outdoor advertising, we have time and again seen just how much our clients have benefitted from having a billboard displaying their brand.

With a visually captivating message, it is difficult for potential clients to ignore a billboard advertising in South Africawhen driving right past it. And often, just that reminder that the company exists and is selling something they might need, is enough to turn that passing driver into a paying customer.

Billboards are memorable, especially when extra effort and attention to detail is given to the design, the message and the layout. BrandIQ specialises in creating and flighting customised billboards that are guaranteed to spread the message.

The billboards we choose to display your ads on are set up in some of the best viewing areas in the city and their placement on the busiest highways means they will be seen by high volumes of people. The more often they are seen, the better the chance of the message being remembered.

Our outdoor advertising is well-priced and the perfect accompaniment for both new and existing advertising campaigns. If you choose to work with us, you will have a vast selection of billboards and locations to explore, which will allow you to personalise your advertising according to your desired market.

Not yet convinced that your company will benefit greatly from out of home advertising?

While so many marketers these days are going to encourage their clients to rather go digital, some of the best campaigns are those that combine a bit of traditional advertising with the more modern approaches, such as SEO or SEM.

 Billboard advertising remains as popular and as effective as ever, with their displays still having the power to push up sales and make a huge impact.

And those who want to use billboard advertising to their advantage don’t have to worry about doing it all on their own. With a team of designers, writers and those who know exactly where the ad will have the most impact, companies like yours can rely on companies like ours to work advertising magic on their brand.

  • They can’t be avoided When set up in the right place, your billboard are one of the types of outdoor advertising that cannot be avoided. The target market you are aiming to reach will not miss your well-placed message. The billboard will be so eye-catching that those who pass it will simply not be able to look away. In the city, where so many people commute each day, and will spend at least an hour in traffic, the billboard will have an even bigger impact, especially on those who might be thinking about purchasing what you offer, or who buy on impulse when influenced by your advert.
  • More audiences While marketers will throw the term “audience” around a lot, often implying that there can only be one audience for your company, the truth is that you can have multiple audiences that span age, religion, gender, culture and race. The placement of a billboard will improve the exposure of your brand immensely by targeting everyone both in your audience and those who are not. A number of keywords can be used to describe the best kind of designs for billboards, these are namely; Clever, Creative, Unique, Inclusive, Simple yet effective and of course eye-catching.
  • Use more than one message You might think that you have a limited space upon which to place your message, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate a lot in your ad, especially if you are going to use a digital billboard. These billboards are becoming immensely popular lately because of their unique nature.
  • Visually Beautiful The old saying that a picture speaks a 1000 words has never been truer than when relating to billboards. They might not be as intriguing as a TV ad or something on the web, in fact, many would argue that billboards are quite outdated and out smarted for many reasons. But the billboard is an evergreen form of advertising when they are visually beautiful to look at. That they are impossible to ignore is the reason why they are such a must for marketing. And although they don’t move, and might not be digital, their size more than makes up for this.
  • Affordability Something that you might not be aware of is that the billboards are actually reasonably priced when you take in to consideration the cost per thousand impacts VS other forms of media. If you are not able to budget for the long term, we can come up with a plan for you that will suit your budget for outdoor advertising rates. Our company offers competitive billboard advertising rates in South Africa. Make an impact. Build your brand. Grow your company. Do your outdoor advertising with BrandIQ and we’ll help you take your company beyond your comfort zone.

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