Grow Your Brand with Outdoor Branding Solutions

Your brand is a representation of your business and the products/services that you provide for your customers. The unsurmountable value of a brand can either skyrocket or plumet your business, depending on the type of association that people attach to your brand. When you need a business partner that can assist your company with outdoor branding solutions, Brand IQ your first choice! We offer various outdoor advertising locations in South Africa – including conventional and digital billboards.

Putting Your Brand on Display

World-famous brands are living proof of the effectiveness of brand exposure, awareness, and conviction. You want people to know about your brand, identify your corporate identity, and associate it with your products/services when they see it. Outdoor branding can be the steppingstone to grow your brand and business – with the opportunity to establish your brand in your specific industry. When people are aware of your brand/business, they are more likely to choose it in the future, especially when your products/services meet their satisfaction as a customer.

Our Approach to Outdoor Branding

At Brand IQ, we offer more than 100 locations for outdoor advertising purposes. According to statistics, people are more likely to remember and recall an outdoor ad that features a brand logo – providing them with a unique element to link to your ad. With outdoor advertising, people are also likely to see your ad multiple times – familiarising them with your brand. Our approach to outdoor branding covers the entire process – starting with identifying and booking the ideal locations and finishing with installing your ad.

Billboard Bookings

We offer conventional and digital billboards as part of our 100+ outdoor advertising locations. Normally, billboard skins will be displayed over a minimum period of 28 days and can be booked 6 to 12 months in advance. Therefore, we recommend a 3-month planning and booking period to ensure that your as skins do not overlap with any other bookings. Brand IQ can deliver a tailored outdoor advertising campaign to suit your timeframe and budget – whether you want to run a single ad or multiple ads.

The Creative Process

We recommend that you set aside about a month for the creative process of your outdoor branding campaign. During this time, you can design the layout of your ad and ensure that everything is readable, visible, and to the point. We can assist with the creative elements to bring out the best in your brand and optimise your ad for visual display purposes.

Producing and Installing a Billboard Skin

Brand IQ can provide a quotation to produce your billboard skin once the creative process has been finalised. We can also provide you with the necessary dimensions if you wish to produce the billboard skin on your own. Once the skin is produced, we can take care of the installation on the designed location.

When you want to grow your brand, Brand IQ is your business partner for outdoor branding solutions in South Africa. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available outdoor locations and accommodating services or contact us directly with any enquiries. Let your brand reach new heights with Brand IQ on your side!

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