Outdoor Advertising Solutions for Your Company in South Africa

When your company wants to take advantage of outdoor advertising in South Africa, Brand IQ is your first choice! We offer conventional and digital billboards, along with several outdoor advertising locations, to ensure that you can identify and utilise the perfect spots for your ads. We also offer various data and metrics on our outdoor locations to give you an insight to popularity, traffic volumes, and audience reach. Therefore, we can compile a sound strategy to accommodate your budget and preferences!

Large-Scale Branding Opportunities

Outdoor advertising can be your company’s solution to large-scale branding – putting your brand on display for everyone to see. Billboards are ideally placed next to busy motorways to reach a broad audience, creating a perfect above-the-line marketing opportunity for brand introduction, awareness, and promotion. If people constantly see your brand, it becomes easier to recognise and relate to your brand, which will drive business to you and work towards brand conviction. With Brand IQ on your side, your brand can take flight.

Utilising Outdoor Advertising to the Benefit of My Business

There are several methods to go about outdoor advertising. Some businesses utilise billboards to inform people about the location of a nearby branch or outlet, while others use billboards for promotional purposes and to advertise brand-new products/services. With the addition of digital billboards, your business can run multiple ads over the course of a single day – without the hassle of installing and removing billboard skins. Digital billboards also eliminate the process of producing a physical billboard skin, cutting down on turn-around times and simplifying outdoor advertising solutions for your business.

How Can Brand IQ Assist My Business?

Brand IQ can assist your business throughout the entire process of outdoor advertising, including location scouting and booking, planning, and identifying the ideal target locations for your ads. We can also assist with the design and layout of your outdoor advertisements, deliver production quotations, and install your outdoor ads at their designated locations. We believe that proper planning can lead to a successful outdoor advertising campaign to drive more people to your business and grow your brand.

When it comes to conventional billboards, locations are typically booked for a minimum of 28 days or a month. We allow your business to book a single site over a couple of months, or book multiple sites to rotate your billboard skin between them. You can also run simultaneous billboard skins to reach an even broader audience. To ensure that there are no overlaps, billboard locations must be booked in advance. Therefore, we recommend a 3-month planning window to lock down the ideal outdoor advertising locations for your ads, along with a 1-month period to finalise the creative elements and production of your billboard skins.

Brand IQ is your answer to outdoor advertising in South Africa. Please browse our website for details on our available locations and services that we can assist you with and take advantage of outdoor advertising with us on your side. Feel free to contact us today with any enquiries and to get the ball rolling on your outdoor advertising campaign!

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