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Billboard Advertising Options and Solutions for Your Business

If your business is considering billboard advertising solutions for the year of 2022, Brand IQ should be your first choice. We offer a wide selection of billboard locations, mostly located in and around Gauteng, and can also assist with custom outdoor advertising solutions. Over the past 2 years, people were confined to their homes as a result of COVID-19’s lockdown regulations. Now that people are returning to their workplaces, the time is ideal to take advantage of billboard ads for your business.

What is the Process of Getting My Billboard Up and Running?

We recommend that you book your billboard locations in advance to ensure that the billboard ad can stay up over the allocated time. The first step to get your billboard up and running is to identify and book the locations, and we can supply you with accurate data and analytics on each of our individual locations. Therefore, you have the means to secure the ideal outdoor locations in relation to your intended target audience and reach. Once the locations are finalised, the process moves on to the design and production of the billboard skin.

We offer billboard design and production services and can quote you for these services if you want us to take care of these elements on your behalf. We recommend that you allocate bout 1 month to these processes to ensure that your ad will have the desired impact on its audience and drive more business to your doorstep. The final step is to install the billboard skin at its allocated location. If you want to run a single skin over multiple locations, or run multiple skins at several location simultaneously, we can draw up an ideal strategy that fits your preferences and budget.

The Impact of Above-The-Line Marketing in Today’s World

With our heavy reliance on computers and the internet, marketing strategies for businesses are taking advantage of below-the-line marketing solutions with targeted online marketing strategies. However, above-the-line marketing is still relevant and plays a pivotal role in the success and continuation of businesses around the world. This type of marketing does not have any conditions to be seen by anybody and can broaden your reach to cast a wide net and pull in the masses to your business.

Unique and memorable billboard advertisements that feature your brand will give you the means to attract more people to your business. Statistics show that a well-branded outdoor ad is 40% more memorable in direct comparison to an ad that does not feature any brand icon. Therefore, Brand IQ gives your business the platform to grow and expand your brand as well. Finally, if you are running a promotion or launching a new product, outdoor ads can be the perfect option to get the word out and pique people’s interests surrounding the promotion or lew product launch.

Brand IQ is your all-inclusive solution to billboard advertising in and around Gauteng. Please browse our website for details on our locations and services, or feel free to contact us directly with any enquiries on how we can assist your business today.

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