Outdoor Advertising

Your All-Inclusive Solution to Outdoor Advertising

Do you want to introduce your brand to the world around you? Outdoor advertising is the perfect method to reach a broad audience and utilise your brand to make your ads memorable and enticing for those who see it. Studies show that using a brand icon on ads will increase the memorability of such an ad by 40%. With the cost-effective benefits of outdoor advertising in mind, Brand IQ can deliver an ideal solution for businesses when it comes to above-the-line marketing for your company.

The Importance of Above-the-Line Marketing

With the focus shifting to online marketing in a modern world that heavily relies on computers and the internet, people vastly underestimate the value of above-the-line marketing, as online marketing delivers below-the-line marketing applications to target specific users on specific platforms and websites.

However, outdoor advertising is still a relevant, feasible, and effective solution – even when you promote your website on such an ad. Although below-the-line marketing gives you the tools to focus in on the ideal customer, outdoor advertising broadcasts to a wide audience and does not require a smart device or access to the internet to see the ad.

Utilising Outdoor Advertising for My Business

In today’s world, people want easy access to what they want, when they want it, which is why we see a dramatic spike in home delivery services, ignoring the impact of COVID-19 for a moment. Similar functions resonate when it comes to locating a physical storefront or reacting to an outdoor advertisement that people find intriguing when they see it. As a result, your business can reap the benefits of a unique, effective, and memorable outdoor ad to drive more traffic to your doorstep. Brand IQ can assist you throughout the entire process.

What Can I Expect from Brand IQ?

When it comes to outdoor advertising, you can expect that Brand IQ has you covered on all bases. The first step is to identify the ideal outdoor locations for your ad(s), at which point you can book these locations accordingly. We can provide the necessary data and statistics surrounding our locations to ensure that you can formulate an optimal marketing strategy.

Once the locations aware in place, we can move on to the design of the ad. If you prefer to do the design yourself, we can provide the specifications of the specific location and the size of the ad for you. We can also assist in finalising the design on your behalf. This brings us to the manufacturing part of the outdoor advertisements, for which we can also deliver a production quotation if you want us to manufacture your billboard skin for you. Finally, the installation part, which sees us installing your ad(s) on specific location(s) that you booked in advance.

No Matter how you want to approach outdoor advertising, you can trust that Brand IQ is your answer! Please browse our website for details about our services and locations, and feel free to contact us with any enquiries. Make the most of 2022 with Brand IQ and outdoor advertising for your business.

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