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Your Definitive Answer to a Billboard Advertising Company in Gauteng

Gauteng and its surrounding areas are some of the most densely populated areas in South Africa, making these areas ideal for billboard advertising. If you are looking for a company that delivers an all-inclusive solution to billboard and outdoor advertising, Brand IQ is your answer! We offer more than 100 outdoor locations and can assist your company throughout the entire process of designing, manufacturing, and installing billboard ads.

Why Should My Company Consider Billboard Advertising?

Billboards are effective above-the-line marketing tools that cast a wide net to a broad audience, without any specific limitations or restrictions, apart from the physical location itself. Therefore, this type of marketing can reach an audience that cannot be reached with below-the-line/targeted marketing solutions. As a result, it is pivotal to design a billboard ad that is unique, stands out form the rest, and piques the interest of its audience. With our experience in this field, we can assist your business with the design aspect of a billboard ad and can even deliver customised solutions to make your ad even more memorable.

Businesses with storefronts want people to easily locate their storefront, especially when the store is located close to their outdoor ad. With billboard advertising, your company can identify the ideal billboards in your storefront’s immediate area to make people aware of your location and how they can reach it. This space is also ideal for promotions and informing the masses about new products. In the end, you want someone to react to your billboard ad, leading to them taking an interest in your products/services and act upon it.

The Process of Billboard Advertising

As a company that specialises in billboard advertising solutions, we can lay out a proper time frame over which we go through the processes to get your billboard ad up and running. Billboard ads can run over extended periods, which is why it is essential to book the outdoor locations well in advance. Whether you want a single ad on a single location, rotate your ad over several locations, or run simultaneous billboard skins on multiple locations, we can assist to put together the optimal strategy to suit your preferences and budget.

When it comes to the design and production of the billboard skin, Brand IQ can take care of these elements on your behalf and deliver design and production quotes accordingly. We can also provide your company with specifications surrounding the size and layout of the billboard if you wish to do the creative yourself or outsource the manufacturing. Once these elements are taken care of, we install your billboard skin and your company can start reaping the benefits of billboard advertising in return.

If you want to expand your marketing reach and draw more people to your company, Brand IQ can assist your business with professional billboard advertising solutions in and around Gauteng. Please feel free to browse our website for details on our locations and services or contact us today if you have any enquiries. Take advantage of proper outdoor advertising solutions in 2022 with Brand IQ on your side!

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