Your Solution to Outdoor Branding and Advertising for Your Business

When your business needs a platform to grow, establish, and introduce your brand to the world around you, Brand IQ is your solution to outdoor branding and advertising! We offer several locations across South Africa that could feature your brand, and we can assist you throughout every step of the process. Today, we will focus on how outdoor advertising and branding can elevate your business and allow a broader audience to be exposed to your brand.

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

The first step of outdoor advertising and branding is to identify the ideal locations for your ad and when you want your ad to be displayed. Billboard skins normally display over a 28-day period and locations are booked in advance. You can book a single location and run a single billboard skin, book several locations and rotate your billboard skin, or book multiple locations and run multiple skins simultaneously. We can provide data on traffic volumes, exposure, and audience reach for our individual billboard locations as well to assist you to make an informative decision when booking the location(s).

Putting Your Brand on a Billboard Skin

Outdoor branding and advertising require creative designs that convey the intended message as simplistic and efficient as possible. Moreover, putting your brand on such an ad will ensure that people can connect your brand to the product, service, or message that you are promoting. With a memorable billboard ad, you can create buzz around your brand and get people talking about your brand. This leads to brand awareness and recognition, which can generate more business and drive more people to choose your brand in the future.

Billboard Skin Design and Production

To optimise the efficiency of your outdoor branding campaign, you need professional graphic designers to handle the creative elements of your ad(s). Brand IQ can assist in these design elements and can also provide you with a quotation to manufacture and produce the billboard skin(s). We also have digital billboard locations that offer faster turn-around times by cutting out the production costs and time. Digital billboards give you the freedom to run multiple ads on a single screen throughout a single day – without the hassle of installing and changing between skins manually.

The Benefits of Outdoor Branding

One of the biggest benefits of outdoor branding and advertising is the broad audience reach. Your brand will be seen by everyone who drives by your billboard and not just a specific target audience – leading to brand exposure to those who might not have even heard of your brand before. Outdoor ads can also be used to direct people to your place of business on locations that are in the vicinity of your storefront or office. A memorable and informative ad can go a long way when it comes to outdoor branding and advertising.

Brand IQ is your solution to outdoor branding solutions that include conventional and digital billboards in South Africa. Please browse our website for details on our available locations and feel free to contact us directly if you have any enquiries on our services. Give your brand the means to grow with Brand IQ on your side!

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