Billboard Advertising is Our Specialty

Billboard advertising might seem like an outdated marketing and advertising method, but the reality is that billboards can cast a wide net in terms of audience and reach for your business. Brand IQ is your answer when your business wants to reap the benefits of outdoor advertising! We specialise in billboard advertising and can deliver accommodating solutions to assist your business with the creative design, production, and installation processes. We can also provide accurate data on our billboards to ensure that you can maximise the potential of your outdoor ads.

Booking the Ideal Locations

When you want to put up a billboard with your ad on it, the first step is to identify and book the ideal locations for your billboard skin. You have various options during this process – booking a single location for a single billboard skin; booking several locations to rotate your ad; or running multiple ad skins on multiple billboards simultaneously. With our collected data on every billboard location, you can target specific audiences to optimise the reach and efficiency of your ad(s). Billboards are booked in advance and for a minimum period of 28 days to avoid any overlaps.

The Pivotal Importance of the Creative Design of Your Billboard Skins

According to statistics, people are more likely to remember a billboard ad that features a brand that they can connect the ad to. Large billboard ads can make a direct impact when the creative design elements of such an ad captivate the audience and give them something unique and memorable. We can assist with the creative side of your ad to optimise its efficiency and easily convey the intended information of your ad to someone who drives by.

Brand Exposure Can Elevate Your Business

Branding is one of the most effective ways to introduce, establish, and grow a brand in today’s world. Think of billboard advertising as an opportunity to put your brand on a large, open, and widely visible display area, and suddenly, the value of billboard advertising becomes more than just seeing a random image on display while commuting. Brand exposure is priceless for any business, can lead to brand conviction, and draw more people to your business by giving them a brand that they recognise.

Conventional and Digital Billboards

Although conventional billboard advertising is effective in it own rights, we also have several digital billboard locations that carry their own set of benefits. With a digital billboard, there is no billboard skin production or installation, as everything is digital and can simply be uploaded to display on the digital screen. Digital billboard advertising also lends itself to run multiple ads on a single screen. As a result, you can run a specific ad during the morning and an alternative ad during the afternoon.

Brand IQ is your answer to billboard advertising in South Africa. With more than 100 outdoor locations, you can take advantage of billboard advertising for your business with us on your side. Please browse our website for details on our available billboard locations and how we can assist your business with our all-inclusive approach!

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