Your Solution to Digital Out-of-Home Advertising in Gauteng

Does your business need a solution to LED billboard advertising in and around Gauteng? Brand IQ is your definitive answer! Digital out-of-home advertising delivers a brand-new method of outdoor branding and advertising by digitising the conventional billboard display and opening new possibilities for advertisers. Brand IQ can assist your business to take full advantage of these billboards – with a complete range of services to accommodate your outdoor advertising needs.

Uncluttered Digital Ad Space

LED billboard advertising opens a new way of digital advertising that is completely independent from the internet or any other digital forms of media. This type of advertising creates an uncluttered digital ad space when someone views the LED billboard from the comfort of their own vehicles, creating a unique opportunity to capture those viewers with an intriguing alternative to a static image or display that would be the case with a conventional billboard. Digital out-of-home billboards allow the advertisers more opportunities to capture and intrigue an audience by utilising the benefits of digital screens to their advantage.

The Possibilities of LED Billboard Advertising

LED billboard advertising promotes collaboration between advertisers to deliver a more cost-effective approach to outdoor branding and advertising. Since the digital screen can display multiple images throughout the course of a single day, multiple advertisers can book the LED billboard to display their ads in sequence. It is also possible for a single advertiser to display a slideshow that tells a story throughout multiple slides. For example, the first slide highlights a problem, the second slide introduces a product or service as a solution to that specific problem, and the third slide lets everyone know where they can get in touch with your business to buy that specific product or service.

How Can Brand IQ Assist My Business with DOOH Advertising?

Brand IQ delivers an all-encompassing solution to businesses that want to advertise on our digital billboards. If you consider the advantages of LED billboard advertising, your business can reap the benefits of going digital with Brand IQ in your corner. We can book intended digital billboard locations and upload your ads to display on these screens accordingly. We can also assist in designing and editing your digital ads to speak to specific locations, holidays, and current events. Therefore, if you want to run an April Fools ad for that specific day, for example, we can assist with making it a reality.

Save Time and Money by Going Digital

Conventional billboard advertising requires additional expenses and time investment in comparison to LED billboard advertising. Apart from booking the locations in advance, you must go through the processes of billboard skin production and installation. On top of that, billboard skins stay up for a minimum time of 28 days. This can all be avoided by choosing to go digital.

Brand IQ is your first choice when you want to try LED billboard advertising for your business in Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for details on how we can assist you with DOOH advertising and conventional outdoor branding and advertising solutions.

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