Your Solution to Advertising Billboards in Gauteng

Is your business considering outdoor branding and advertising? Brand IQ is your solution to advertising billboards in Gauteng! We offer a wide variety of locations for you to choose from, whether you want to target the areas around your store outlets or simply want to grow your brand. We can also assist with the design, layout, skin production, and installation of your billboard skin to ensure that we offer a wholistic solution to our clients.

Location is Crucial

Brand IQ gathers important meta data on every billboard location that we own. These data points include daily traffic volume, total reach, and other useful metrics to determine whether your ad will be successful on that specific location. It is also important to consider your audience, as specific areas in Gauteng speak to specific audiences. The process of getting an advertising billboard up and running, starts with booking the intended location(s). Here, you have various options – either book a single location for a single ad, book several locations and rotate your ad between them, or book several locations and run multiple ads simultaneously. Booking in advance will avoid any overlapping, as billboard skins will stay up for a minimum of 28 days.

The Design and Layout – An Impactful Element

Since an advertising billboard is displayed where everyone in the vicinity can see it, it is crucial to nail the creative elements of your billboard to truly capture your intended target audience and provoke a reaction from them. With our experts at your disposal, we can take care of the design and layout of your billboard to ensure that it has maximum efficiency or give you the necessary dimensions and information to design your own. It is pivotal that your design is a true reflection of your product/service, especially when people see it for the first time.

Billboard Skin Production

An advertising billboard requires a billboard skin to be produced and installed onto the billboard frame. Brand IQ can deliver a quotation for the skin production or give you the necessary dimensions to take care of the skin production on your own. Once the skin has been produced, we will install the skin on the intended billboard frame in time for your advertising billboard to start its 28-day cycle. Obviously, you can book a billboard location for longer than 28 days, in which case your skin will stay put until its time has run out.

DOOH – A Modern Take on Conventional Advertising Billboards

Digital LED billboards are slowly and steadily replacing the conventional advertising billboard by giving advertisers more creative freedom in comparison to a static image being displayed for a minimum of 28 days. These billboards also eliminate the skin production and installation processes, as the screen is digital and only requires a digital image to be displayed.

Brand IQ is your first choice when you need an advertising billboard in Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available advertising locations in and around Gauteng and contact us today to start the process of outdoor advertising for your business today.

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