Your Solution to Advertising Billboards in Gauteng

When your business seeks a professional solution to an advertising billboard in Gauteng, Brand IQ is your first choice! We offer more than 500 outdoor advertising locations to ensure that you can book the ideal location(s) for your target audience. Brand IQ offers a holistic solution for businesses that want to advertise with us – covering every element of outdoor advertising to optimise the efficiency of our customers’ outdoor ads. In this article, we talk about the benefits of an advertising billboard, the process of producing and installing such an ad, and what you can expect from Brand IQ when choosing us for your outdoor advertising needs.

Benefits of an Advertising Billboard

Although we live in a digital world where most businesses utilise digital marketing solutions, there are still many advantages to displaying an ad on an outdoor advertising billboard for the whole world to see. Billboards do not have conditions and prerequisites to display their ads – as anyone in the vicinity can clearly see the ad and its message. Billboards also offer uninterrupted ad space that can be utilised to the advantage of your business – by creating a unique and unforgettable design that demands the viewers’ attention.

If your business is interested in an advertising billboard, we recommend that you plan on when and where you want your ads to display. This will ensure that you can reap the benefits of your ads during this specific time and raise brand awareness as well. The process of outdoor advertising starts with proper planning and ensuring that your timelines align during the period of your ads being on display. The minimum uptime for billboard ads is 28 days, which emphasises the need for advanced planning.

Where Do I Start?

If you want an advertising billboard for your business, we recommend that you start with identifying and booking ideal outdoor advertising locations for your ads. At Brand IQ, we gather useful metrics on every individual location to give our customers a solid idea of traffic volumes, billboard popularity, target demographics, and other crucial marketing info. Once the locations are booked, the design process can commence. Here, you have a choice to come up with a billboard design on your own or let our in-house design professionals do it for you. It is important to include your brand on your design, as people tend to recall brands that they see on billboards.

With the design and layout finalised, the billboard skin production can commence. Once again, Brand IQ offers this service at an additional fee, or can simply give your business the necessary information to produce the skin(s) on your own or with a third party. With the skins produced, all that remains, is the installation.

Brand IQ is your first choice when it comes to advertising billboards for your business in Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for a complete list of our available outdoor advertising locations and contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose Brand IQ today for all your outdoor advertising needs!

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