Your First Choice in a Billboard Advertising Company

Are you looking for a billboard advertising company in Gauteng? Brand IQ is your first choice! We offer a wide variety of billboard locations that include conventional and digital options for your convenience. We can also assist with the design, layout, skin production, and installation to get your billboards up and running. In this article, we talk about the functionality of conventional billboards and how we can assist you to get the most out of your outdoor advertising campaigns.

Choosing the Ideal Locations

As a billboard advertising company in Gauteng, we offer more than 100 billboard locations in and around Gauteng to give you the means to properly plan and execute your outdoor advertising campaign. We gather useful data on every individual location for you to make an informative decision based on billboard popularity, traffic volumes, and target demographics. Billboards must be booked in advance to avoid any overlaps, as the minimum uptime for a billboard ad is 28 days. When booking locations, you have various options to ensure that you maximise your outdoor ad campaigns. You can either book a single location or multiple locations for ad rotation.

The Importance of an Impactful Design

Once you have booked your ideal locations, we turn our attention to the design and layout elements of your billboards. Since billboards offer uninterrupted ad space that are clearly visible by everyone in the vicinity, you have an opportunity to make a real impact with your outdoor ads. As a result, your billboards should feature innovative and attention-grabbing designs, as well as your brand. Outdoor advertising is an ideal platform for brand exposure and introducing your brand to people who are not familiar with it. By getting people to familiarise themselves with your brand, they are more likely to choose your brand in the future.

Brand IQ can assist your business with billboard design and layout elements to give you our professional and experienced input on what works and would be most effective to reach your goals. Billboards can be used for a variety of functions that include brand exposure, promotions, and drawing people to a storefront location in the vicinity. With a unique and impactful design, your billboard will stand out and demand the attention of people who walk and drive by.

Billboard Skin Production and Installation

With the design and layout elements finalised, we turn our attention to billboard skin production. Brand IQ can quote your business for the skin production or give you the dimensions and requirements to take care of skin production on your own. Once the time window approaches, your billboard skins will be installed by us on their designated locations and remain for at least 28 days, which can also be prolonged if you booked the locations for 2 or more months.

Brand IQ is your answer to a professional billboard advertising company in Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available locations and services and contact us today to get the ball rolling on your outdoor ad campaign. Grow your brand and reach new heights with Brand IQ in your corner!

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