Take Advantage of LED Billboard Advertising for Your Brand

Are you interested in LED billboard advertising in Gauteng? Brand IQ is your answer! We offer a sensible selection of digital billboard locations to choose from, along with a comprehensive selection of services to help you maximise your outdoor ad campaigns. In this article, we talk about the new kid on the block – digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising – and the various benefits and applications that you can expect from LED billboard advertising for your brand and business.

What Sets Digital Billboards Apart from Conventional Billboard?

LED billboard advertising is fresh and new – taking advantage of digital display screens as opposed to static canvases. This opens a world of possibilities for advertisers – allowing various media types to be displayed on large and clearly visible screens. Media include static images, animated images, and videos to deliver a complete and versatile platform that can be tailored for specific holidays, target locations, and demographics. DOOH advertising brings a brand-new approach to outdoor advertising and marketing by modernising billboard advertising and delivering more sensible options.

More Than Just a Static Image

LED billboard advertising lends itself to creative and versatile advertising strategies, such as displaying a specific ad in the mornings and changing to a different ad in the afternoons. Ad text can also be changed on the fly to target specific areas and demographics. This comes in handy during specific holidays as well – where advertisers have an opportunity to make the most of April-fools day, Black Friday, and Mothers’ Day to only name a few examples. Effective outdoor advertising should always utilise creativity to ensure that your ads stand out from the rest and grabs the attention of people who walk and drive by.

Smarter and More Cost-Effective

LED billboard advertising delivers a smarter and more cost-effective solution to conventional billboards. With the functionality of an LED screen, advertisers have the option for shared ad space to save some money and be more efficient with their ad budgets. Locations do not need advance bookings, as ads are simply uploaded to the screen once finalised. DOOH also eliminates the need for physical billboard skin production and installation – saving valuable time and money in the process of getting people to see your billboard ads. Coupled with a spectrum of creative possibilities, digital outdoor advertising can truly be an effective marketing tool for your business to take advantage of.

What Can I Expect from Brand IQ?

Brand IQ delivers a comprehensive approach to DDOH advertising for your business. Not only do we have a variety of LED billboard locations, but we can also assist with the creative elements of your billboard ads, as well as update ad text for specific holidays and locations. We can assist with conventional billboard advertising as well – with more than 100 locations in and around Gauteng to choose from.

When you consider LED billboard advertising for your company in Gauteng, Brand IQ is your complete answer! Feel free to browse our website for details on how we can assist you and contact us today with any questions on our approach to LED billboard advertising for your business.

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