Your Definitive Solution to Outdoor Advertising in Gauteng

When you need an outdoor advertising company to assist you in Gauteng, Brand IQ is your definitive solution! We offer hundreds of outdoor advertising locations in Gauteng that include conventional and digital billboards, as well as large signage spaces for your business to utilise for outdoor marketing and advertising purposes. Today, we discuss the value of outdoor branding, marketing, and advertising, as well as what you can expect from Brand IQ.

The Value of Outdoor Branding

If you want your brand to grow and be successful, you need to introduce your brand to a large audience and people who might not have seen your brand before. As an outdoor advertising company, we can assist you to achieve such a goal by offering a plethora of outdoor branding opportunities for your business. If you have a storefront in the vicinity of one of our advertising locations, you can utilise your outdoor ad to guide people to your storefront as well. The most important element of outdoor ads is the addition of your brand to allow people to recognise your brand and become familiar with your brand.

Studies show that people are more likely to choose a brand that they are familiar with as opposed to choosing a brand that they have never heard of before. As a result, your business can benefit from above-the-line marketing and advertising campaigns such as outdoor advertising. Brand IQ is an outdoor advertising company that offers a comprehensive list of services to assist our clients and optimise their performance during an outdoor marketing campaign.

What Can My Business Expect When Choosing Brand IQ for Outdoor Advertising?

Brand IQ can assist your business throughout the entire process when it comes to outdoor advertising for your company. Such a process starts with identifying the ideal outdoor locations for your ads. Brand IQ offers more than 100 locations to choose from, with accurate metrics on every individual location that cover popularity, traffic volumes, and specific audiences. As a result, you can carefully plan and execute a smart strategy when considering an outdoor marketing and advertising campaign.

For conventional billboards, the locations must be booked in advance to avoid any overlaps. Billboard ads have a minimum uptime of 28 days and should be considered when planning an outdoor advertising campaign for your company. Once the locations are booked, the focus shifts to the design and layout of your ads. Brand IQ can assist you with these matters or supply your business with the corresponding dimensions if you want to do the design in-house. Once the designs are finalised, we move on to billboard skin production. Once again, Brand IQ can take care of it for you or give you the necessary dimensions to do it yourself.

When you need an outdoor advertising company in Gauteng, Brand IQ is your all-inclusive answer! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available locations and services and contact us today if you have any enquiries. Give your brand wings with Brand IQ on your side!

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