Your Answer to Outdoor Advertising in Gauteng and Surrounding Areas

When your business needs a solution to outdoor advertising in Gauteng and the surrounding areas, Brand IQ is your all-inclusive answer! We can assist your business with conventional and LED billboard solutions – with hundreds of dedicated locations for you to advertise and promote your brand. Although most people tend to go for digital marketing solutions nowadays, billboards are still considered one of the most effective methods of above-the-line marketing.

In this article, we talk about the advantages of outdoor advertising in direct comparison to below-the-line advertising and what you can expect when choosing Brand IQ for your marketing campaign in 2024.

Above-the-Line Advertising

This term refers to marketing and advertising that are non-conditional, broad, and target wide audiences as opposed to setting your sights on a specific target demographic and linking your ads to specific conditions that are required to view your ad, which is the case with various below-the-line marketing solutions. Outdoor advertising gives your business a dedicated space to design and display your ads for everyone in the vicinity to see and respond to it. As a result, it is an effective method to grow and expand your brand’s reach, introduce your brand to new eyes, and raise brand awareness.

In direct comparison to below-the-line marketing, outdoor advertising can have a larger impact on the areas where your ads are displayed. If you have a storefront or outlet in the vicinity, your ad can direct people to the specific location as well. In this example, above-the-line marketing and advertising can work to the benefit of your business and allow you to cast a wide net that could potentially bring in more customers for your business.

How Can Brand IQ Assist Me with Outdoor Advertising?

Brand IQ offers hundreds of outdoor advertising locations that can be booked in advance to target specific areas of Gauteng and its surrounding provinces. We collect useful metric data on every individual site to give you the necessary information about every site. This includes traffic volumes, popularity, and the like to ensure that you book corresponding locations to meet your marketing goals. Whether you choose conventional or digital sites, Brand IQ can assist with both throughout the various processes of planning, booking, and getting your ads up and running.

For conventional billboards, ads have a minimum uptime of 28 days before they can be rotated or removed. Therefore, we emphasise the importance of planning ahead and ensuring that your ads run on the specific timeframe that would be most beneficial for your business. For digital billboards, however, ads can be uploaded much quicker. Ads can also be customised on the fly to stay relevant and current, celebrate holidays, and address specific locations directly. LED billboards also eliminate the time-consuming processes of billboard skin production and installation.

Brand IQ is your first choice when your business wants to run an outdoor advertising campaign in Gauteng throughout 2024! Feel free to browse our website for a holistic FAQ section and details on how we can assist your business with billboard advertising. Make the most out of your billboard advertising campaign with Brand IQ on your side!

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