Your Answer to Digital Outdoor Advertising in Gauteng

The world around us is going digital by utilising various automated systems and IT solutions. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising utilises LED screens as digital billboards to open new possibilities for outdoor advertising. If you are looking for a solution to digital billboard advertising for your business in Gauteng, Brand IQ is your all-encompassing answer! We can also assist with conventional billboard advertising. In this article, we talk about digital outdoor advertising and what you can achieve with this new type of advertising for your business and brand.

More Than a Static Image

Conventional billboards, although still relevant and effective outdoor advertising tools, feature static images that are visible to everyone in their direct vicinity. Digital billboards utilise all the benefits of conventional billboards and add a host of new features and possibilities for advertisers. These start with multimedia advertising possibilities. Apart form displaying a static image, LED billboards rotate between various ads and various forms of media that include static images, animated images, slideshows, and videos. As a result, advertisers are not limited to a static image and can capture their audience with the media type of their preference.

Tell a Story

One of the most effective marketing methods is to tell a story with your ad. Because of the functionality of a digital billboard, you can incorporate various ads to form a slideshow that tells a story about your product, service, or company in general. In most cases, products and services address various problems and issues of daily life or in specific sectors. So, a good idea for such a slideshow would be to highlight a problem with your first slide, provide a solution with your product/service on your second slide, and give contact details or a call to action on your third slide. This can also be done in video format.

Take Advantage of Versatility

Since media can be uploaded in an instant, advertisers have the benefit of staying current and relevant with their ads. For example, if a major news story just broke that is relevant to your product or service, it can be utilised to create an ad that is current and relevant. This concept can also be applied to holidays and specific times of year. You can also run specific ads during the morning traffic and switch it up to different ads during the afternoon traffic. The possibilities and applications are endless with digital billboards.

Speak to Your Audience

By staying current and relevant, you have a platform to speak to your audience directly and pique their interest when they see your ads on the LED screen. This works towards brand conviction – where your brand builds a loyal following of people who would only choose your brand when buying corresponding products. There is nothing like brand conviction when it comes to business continuity and the growth and awareness of your brand.

Brand IQ is your business partner for digital billboards and advertising in Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for details on our LED billboard locations and our corresponding services for your business. Kick off 2024 with a digital outdoor marketing campaign and Brand IQ on your side!

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