Outdoor Advertising Solutions for Your Business in Gauteng

Is your business considering outdoor advertising for 2024? Brand IQ is your all-inclusive solution in Gauteng! We offer more than 500 locations to allows you to target specific areas and demographics. Brand IQ can also assist with digital billboard advertising and conventional billboard solutions that include design, skin manufacturing, and installation. In this article, we discuss the benefits of outdoor advertising and branding and how you can utilise this above-the-line marketing solution in 2024.

Give Your Brand a Platform

Brand awareness is one of the most important elements for the continuation and growth of your brand. You want people to see your brand and get familiar with your brand – in ideal situations, relate to your brand – to ensure that they choose your brand down the line. There are various examples of the power of brands that include the type of brand people choose to wear and the car manufacturer they choose to drive. Both examples come from brand conviction – people who trust the brand that they buy and would not likely choose a different brand in the same category.

By choosing outdoor advertising as part of your marketing strategy, you will have a platform for your brand to shine. As billboards can be seen by anyone in their vicinity, they make for excellent brand ambassadors, while portraying ads that can immediately be linked to your brand. This might seem trivial, but people tend to remember ads that are accompanied by their corresponding brands and are more likely to respond to such an ad in various capacities – whether talking to their friends about the unique design of the billboard or buying the product/service that is advertised.

The Processes of Outdoor Advertising

When choosing Brand IQ as your outdoor advertising partner, you get access to a wide variety of locations – each with its own set of gathered data and metrics to assist you during the booking process. For conventional billboards, bookings must be done in advance to avoid overlapping, as billboard ads must have a minimum uptime of 28 days. For digital billboards, on the other hand, the uptimes are more flexible and can be tailored to a specific timeline that fits your budget and marketing strategy.

For conventional billboards, Brand IQ can assist with the design and layout of your ads, as well as the billboard skin production to give you a wholistic solution. You can also outsource these services and we can provide the specific dimensions of the billboards to ensure that the skins meet the criteria.

When it comes to digital outdoor advertising, a new world of possibilities is on the table – ranging from animated ads to video ads that can be displayed on the LED screens. You can also run several different ads on a single LED screen and link them to specific dates and times when they are displayed.

Brand IQ is your all-inclusive answer to outdoor advertising and branding solutions for your business in Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for details on our services and a complete map of our locations today. Start your 2024 with an outdoor advertising campaign and Brand IQ in your corner!

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