Your Answer to Billboard Advertising in Gauteng

Do you need an advertising company that can assist your business with billboard advertising solutions in Gauteng? Brand IQ is your all-inclusive answer! We can assist you throughout the entire process of running a successful billboard campaign – covering elements such as ad design and artwork, ad skin production, and ad installation. We can also assist with determining the ideal outdoor locations for your intended audience and reach, with accurate data on every individual location.

Conventional Billboard Advertising

Static billboards might seem a little old-fashioned in comparison to digital billboards. However, conventional billboard advertising is still a relevant and effective way of targeting a broad audience. The first step is to identify and book the ideal billboard locations for your ads. Here, you can book several locations in advance and let your ad rotate between the locations, run multiple ads across these locations, or simply book a single location for a single ad. Booking must be done in advance to avoid any overlaps.

The second step is to design the artwork and layout of your billboard ad. Brand IQ can assist in this area of expertise and can deliver a quotation for artwork design. Alternatively, we can provide you with the dimensions and specifications regarding the artwork design and layout. Once this part of the process is finalised, we move to ad skin production. Once again, if you want us to take care of the production, we can quote you on it, or we can provide the necessary dimensions and requirements if you wish to produce the skin elsewhere. Finally, the skin will be installed at the specific location and you can start reaping the benefits of outdoor advertising!

Digital Billboard Advertising

If you need a billboard advertising solution that eliminates the production and installation processes and costs, DOOH is your alternative solution. Digital billboards allow for quick turn-around times and opens new possibilities to the world of outdoor advertising. By simply uploading the artwork/design to the digital screen, DOOH is revolutionising the entire outdoor advertising market by delivering modern, relevant, and flexible billboard displays that require far less time and effort in comparison to conventional billboard advertising.

Digital billboard advertising allows your business to stay relevant, relatable, and adaptable to various elements such as specific locations, weather, and the latest breaking news stories (should they be relevant to your business). Things can change overnight, and now, your billboard ads can adapt to such changes with minimal effort. Therefore, DOOH allows you the freedom and accessibility to run digital billboard ads more efficiently – without having to wait for 28 days before you can update/replace an irrelevant ad skin on a conventional billboard.

Brand IQ is your comprehensive solution to outdoor billboard advertising in Gauteng. We offer several outdoor locations that include digital billboards to ensure that you can target specific locations with your outdoor ad campaign. With our assistance, you can rest assured that we can help you to optimise your outdoor ads for the most efficiency. Please contact us directly with any enquiries or to get the ball rolling on an outdoor ad campaign today!

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