Brand IQ – Your All-Inclusive Outdoor Advertising Company in Gauteng

When your business needs an outdoor advertising company in Gauteng, Brand IQ is your answer! We specialise in outdoor advertising – with hundreds of outdoor locations for banner ads, billboard ads, and digital billboard displays in and around Gauteng. We can also assist with the design, artwork, branding, production, and installation of outdoor ads to ensure that you can trust on us to get the job done. Today, we will discuss the various benefits and potential marketing opportunities that outdoor advertising can deliver for your business.

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

Today, most businesses turn to digital online marketing solutions to target their specific market and drive more traffic to their websites. In a world where BTL marketing solutions prove to be effective, people tend to forget about the effectiveness of ATL marketing – targeting a broad audience that does not require a person to search for something relevant on Google to see your ad. Everyone in the vicinity can see an outdoor ad – whether it is a highway billboard, a display banner in the CBD, or a digital billboard display.

The benefits of outdoor advertising go beyond the simple comparisons to other means of advertising by delivering an ideal platform for a business on which they can introduce, grow, and promote their brand. As an outdoor advertising company, we gather useful data on every individual location to assist you to plan smart and book the perfect location(s) for your ad campaign. Conventional billboard locations must be booked in advance to avoid any overlaps, as billboard skins will stay up for a minimum period of 28 days.

DOOH – Your Opportunity to a New Method of Outdoor Advertising

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is a new and exciting method of outdoor advertising – with more flexibility, faster turn-around times, and creative strategies to run multiple ad slides. With a digital billboard, the need for skin production and installation falls away – only requiring a digital image to be uploaded to the screen. This allows you to keep your ads relevant and update them with useful information throughout the ad campaign period. It also allows you to run specific ad slides during specific times of the day as opposed to only having a static image for an entire month.

An outdoor advertising company should give your business the most optimal solutions to suit your needs. With DOOH, the possibilities are endless. For example, you can run 3 slides that follow each other in sequence to tell a story and provoke a reaction from the people who see the slides. You can also run slides that are specific to holidays, promotions, or special events, which can easily be removed afterwards.

Brand IQ is your first choice when it comes to an outdoor advertising company in Gauteng. We offer a large selection of outdoor ad locations to ensure that you can carefully plan your ad campaign and optimise its reach to a broad audience. Please browse our website for details on our available services and to request a quotation for our services today!

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