Going Digital with Outdoor Billboard Advertising in 2023

Do you need a solution to digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising for your business? Brand IQ is your answer to LED billboard advertising solutions in Gauteng! With us on your side, you can expect comprehensive solutions that include the design, layout, and upload of your ads to our digital displays. We can also assist you to target specific holidays, locations, and current events with DOOH advertising.

What is DOOH?

Digital out-of-home refers to LED billboard advertising that delivers a more versatile and accessible approach in direct comparison to conventional billboards. With conventional billboards, the locations must be booked well in advance, as a skin will remain on display for a minimum period of 28 days. These skins must also be produced and installed – processes that take time and cost money. These processes disappear when choosing to go digital with your outdoor ads. Therefore, you have more creative freedom to display multiple ads, create a slideshow, and target specific times of day with your digital ads!

Endless Possibilities

LED billboard advertising delivers a more responsive and direct method that is undeniably more effective than a static billboard skin. With a slideshow, you can address a problem in your first slide, offer a solution in your product/service in the following slide, and let the people know where they can find you in your last slide. You can also run a specific ad in the morning – when everyone drives to work – and follow it up with a different ad in the afternoon – when everyone drives home from work. You can also address current events and speak to specific holidays for a more personalised and relatable approach.

Promotions, Brand Awareness, and Product Launches

LED billboard advertising is a tool that can be used for promotions, brand awareness, and product launches to add to its already effective advertising aspect. DOOH billboards can also be utilised collaboratively to share the ad space with a business partner. Brand awareness is an essential factor of business continuation. With such a versatile and adaptable platform in DOOH, your business can maximise our LED billboards for several branding purposes.

The Benefits of DOOH

DOOH combines the benefits of digital display ads and outdoor advertising into a smart package for businesses to take advantage of. Digital ad space is steadily becoming the go-to choice for outdoor advertising across the world – with several cities already employing large LED billboard advertising screens. With Brand IQ, your business can enter into the DOOH advertising world and take advantage of the many benefits of having access to a digital billboard as opposed to dealing with the time-consuming processes of producing and installing billboard skins on locations that must be booked well in advance.

Choose Brand IQ today for all your LED billboard advertising needs in Gauteng! We also offer a multitude of outdoor advertising and conventional billboard locations, along with solutions for every part of the process to get your ads out there. Please contact us directly to enquire about location availability and prices, and let your business reach a larger audience with our outdoor advertising solutions in 2023!

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