Billboard Advertising Solutions for Your Business for 2023

Does your business need a solution to outdoor advertising for 2023? Brand IQ is your first choice! Whether it is an advertising billboard, digital billboard, or custom display banners, we can assist your business with everything that you need! Today, we will discuss the various processes that go into an advertising billboard and the results that you can expect from running outdoor ads for your business.

It All Starts with a Solid Design

An advertising billboard is only effective when people can read the crucial information on the design/layout of the ad. Brand IQ can assist your business with the design and layout of your ad, or provide the specific dimensions of the location(s) that will feature your ad. Once the design is finalised, we move on to the production of the billboard skin. Once again, you can request a quotation from us to produce the skin or get the dimensions and requirements from us to produce your own.

Booking the ideal Location

Brand IQ collects valuable data and metrics on every individual outdoor advertising location to give you a clear picture of the traffic volumes, popularity, and target audience on our advertising billboards. As a result, your business can target specific areas and get the most out of your outdoor advertising campaign to cast a wide net and get people to choose your business. We offer a versatile approach to booking locations and do it in advance to avoid any overlaps, as the minimum display time for a billboard ad is 28 days.

What Can I Put on an Advertising Billboard?

Businesses can utilise an advertising billboard in a plethora of efficient methods. Generally, businesses utilise outdoor ads for promotional reasons – announcing a brand-new product/service and telling people where they can get in touch if they are interested. Outdoor ads can also be used for branding purposes – to build your brand and introduce it to people who might have otherwise never heard of it. Since outdoor ads are in the open, they are seen by anyone who walks or drives by. Therefore, they are useful tools for brand awareness, promotions, and getting people interested in your products/services.

Digital Advertising Billboards

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising billboards open a new world of possibilities when it comes to outdoor advertising. These digital displays have quick turn-around times, as the entire process of production/installation is no longer required! They can also be updated in a flash to give advertisers the means to target specific locations in their ad text, address current events, and celebrate public holidays. People tend to connect more to ads that are relevant and relatable. With DOOH, the sky is truly the limit in terms of outdoor ad versatility and applications.

When you need an advertising billboard for your business in 2023, Brand IQ is your all-inclusive answer! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available outdoor ad locations and contact directly to enquire about availability and how we can assist your business with outdoor advertising billboards in and around Gauteng!

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