Digital Out-of-Home Billboard Advertising in Gauteng

Does your business want to run a more effective outdoor advertising campaign? Brand IQ is your solution to digital billboards in and around Gauteng! Digital out-of-home advertising solutions are considered the new kid on the block – revolutionising outdoor advertising by introducing digital screens to replace static billboard skins. With Brand IQ on your side, your business can capitalise on DOOH and get creative with your outdoor advertising campaign as opposed to only displaying a static image for the next 28 days.

How Can My Business Utilise DOOH?

Digital billboards allow for a brand-new approach to outdoor advertising and branding – where artwork can simply be uploaded to save valuable time and money regarding the production of billboard skins. With quick and easy turnaround on the artwork, you can incorporate several images to run throughout the course of a day. You can also create a sequence of images to tell a story – addressing a problem, introducing a solution, and letting the people know where they can reach you.

Versatile Outdoor Advertising

Digital billboards are your solution to versatile and flexible outdoor advertising that allows your billboards to stay relevant and target specific areas. Therefore, if a specific current event is taking all the spotlight in the news, and is relevant to your product/service, you can simply update your artwork and get it uploaded to your digital billboards. You can also add area-specific text to your artwork to be even more relevant. DOOH is taking the outdoor advertising market by storm with the use of LED billboards. Now, your business can jump on this train and benefit from DOOH with Brand IQ.

How Can Brand IQ Assist My Business with DOOH Solutions?

Brand IQ is an all-inclusive solution to businesses that want to run outdoor advertising campaigns. We offer over 100 outdoor advertising locations that include regular and digital billboards to ensure that you can target specific areas where your target audience can see your outdoor ads. We gather useful data and analytics on every individual location – giving you a sensible and informative solution when choosing your ideal advertising locations. We can also assist with the artwork and design of your digital billboard ads and can provide quotations to produce conventional billboard skins as well.

DOOH – Saving Time and Money

If you are interested in digital billboard advertising in and around Gauteng, there are several options to consider. By sharing the ad space with other advertisers, your business can enjoy a cheaper and more approachable entry into DOOH. Since there is no production cost or process with DOOH, digital billboards can be updated frequently to target specific holidays or special days such as April Fools. This opens a new dimension to outdoor advertising – where creativity and clever use of ads can work to the benefit of your business.

Brand IQ is your first choice when it comes to digital billboards in Gauteng. Feel free to browse our website for details on our DOOH advertising solutions and the locations of our digital billboards. Contact us directly to request a quotation or to enquire about our DOOH solutions for your business today! Join the future of outdoor advertising with Brand IQ in your corner.

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