Conventional and Digital Billboard Advertising Solutions in Gauteng

When your business plans to run an outdoor advertising campaign, Brand IQ is your first choice in billboard advertising in Gauteng! We strive to build a healthy relationship with our clients – understanding their needs and working towards their goal of running a successful outdoor advertising campaign. As a result, we offer a comprehensive approach that assists you throughout every process of billboard advertising to bring out the best in your artwork and design and ensure that your ads have a noticeable impact.

The Processes of Conventional Billboard Advertising

The first thing that kicks off an outdoor advertising campaign, is to book billboard advertising locations in advance to avoid any overlaps and ensure that your ads can be displayed during the intended periods. Brand IQ offers hundreds of locations that are mostly throughout Gauteng, with some surrounding areas also included in our selection. Every location has its own set of gathered data and information to allow your business to make an informative decision on the ideal advertising locations to target your specific audience.

Billboard advertising skins are usually installed for a period of 28 days at minimum, which emphasises the importance of proper planning before-hand. When booking your location(s), you can book a single location or multiple locations to rotate ad skins. Once the booking is finalised, we move on to the design of your artwork. Brand IQ has professional designers who can lend you their expertise and bring out the best in your artwork. We can also provide dimensions and requirements for artwork if you want to take care of it yourself.

With the locations booked and the artwork finalised, all that remains, is the production of the billboard advertising skins. Once again, Brand IQ can provide your business with a quotation for the skin production and installation. We can also provide dimensions if you want to produce the skins on your own. The final step is to install the skins on the designated locations and start reaping the benefits of your billboard advertisement.

Digital Billboards – Revolutionising Outdoor Advertising

With conventional billboard advertising, ad skins display a static image that can only contain so much information before it becomes unreadable or cluttered. Digital billboards revolutionise the way we approach outdoor advertising in general – featuring an LED screen that can display image sequences and be updated frequently as opposed to being stuck with the same image for 28 days.

Digital billboard advertising cuts down on time and money that would be spent during the production and installation phases of conventional billboard skins. Once the digital image is ready, it can be uploaded to the billboard and displayed immediately – without the need to produce or install the new ad skin. DOOH also allows you to create an image sequence to convey a message or address a problem and offer a solution for viewers to better understand your product/service.

When it comes to billboard advertising in Gauteng, Brand IQ is your all-inclusive solution! Please browse our website for details on how we can assist your business with outdoor advertising solutions and contact us today to enquire about billboard advertising for your business. Take advantage of outdoor advertising with Brand IQ today!

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