Your Answer to Outdoor Advertising for Your Company in Gauteng

Brand IQ is your definitive answer when looking for an outdoor advertising company in Gauteng! We offer more than 500 outdoor advertising locations in around the province to ensure that you can target specific audiences, locations, and demographics. Every outdoor location has its own set of gathered data and information to assist your business to choose the ideal outdoor advertising location for your ads. We can assist your business with billboards, gentries, construction wraps, building wraps, and shopping mall advertising solutions.

Why Should My Business Consider Outdoor Advertising?

As an outdoor advertising company, Brand IQ can deliver a wholistic solution that covers the design and artwork, as well as ad skin production and installation, for your outdoor ads. We can also provide the necessary dimensions if you wish to create the artwork yourself and/or billboard skin production. Outdoor advertising is the perfect solution if you want to grow your brand as well. Large billboards are ideal for outdoor branding solutions as well – introducing and displaying your brand to a large audience.

Brand IQ can provide your company with valuable data and metrics on every individual outdoor advertising location. This lets you identify the perfect locations that would speak to your target demographic, target people within a close vicinity to one of your outlets and reach a broader audience. Brand IQ also offers digital billboard advertising solutions, also referred to as Digital out-of-home (DDOH). This new type of outdoor advertising opens new possibilities and can save your company valuable time and money in the process.

The Advantages of DOOH for My Business

Static billboard and ad skins are a thing of the past with digital billboards! DOOH allows you to quickly and easily upload artwork and designs to large digital displays – cutting out the time and money that it takes to produce and install a billboard skin. It also allows your company to get creative with billboard ads. For example, you can run a specific ad for the morning traffic and a completely different ad for the afternoon traffic. It also allows you to design an image sequence to address a problem with a slide, offer a solution with the next slide, and give directions to your store front, or contact details, with a final slide.

The future of outdoor advertising is here with DOOH – creating a new media channel that can be utilised in various creative ways. This form of outdoor advertising for your company can also allow you to target specific holidays and locations, while keeping relevant to current events in the area. In the end, DOOH is a feasible solution for outdoor advertising companies that want to take advantage of technology and large digital displays to reach their target audience, grow their brand, and expand their business.

Brand IQ is your solution to an outdoor advertising company in Gauteng. Please browse our website for details on our available outdoor advertising solutions, including our locations and services. Feel free to contact us directly to request a quotation an enquire about location availability today! Let Brand IQ simplify outdoor advertising for your company in Gauteng.

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