A Feasible Solution to Outdoor Branding for Your Business

Does your business plan to run an outdoor branding campaign in 2023? Brand IQ is your all-encompassing solution! We offer 100s of billboard and outdoor advertising locations in and around Gauteng and other parts of South Africa to ensure that our network can properly promote and advertise your brand. Brand IQ can also supply your business with critical data and metrics on every individual advertising location – giving you the means to optimise your reach and advertise in areas that will be most effective for your brand and business.

The Unaware Impact of Outdoor Branding

People fail to realise that outdoor branding and advertising have a real impact on their thought process – especially when it comes to something relevant. For example, if someone drives by a billboard that promotes a brand-new clothing brand, they will be tempted to look into it if they are obsessed with clothing brands. No Matter the brand or type of industry that you are in, outdoor branding has an undeniable impact that could lead more people to your doorstep.

Brand Conviction

Brand conviction is a term that defines the instant choice in brand from consumers and customers. An excellent example comes in the soft drink department – where people who love Coca Cola will always buy a Coke as opposed to tyring a different brand. As a result, brand conviction is one of the most pivotal elements for any brand. Therefore, you want people to relate to your brand, build trust in your brand, and feel convinced that they make the right choice when choosing your brand. This process starts with outdoor branding.

Outdoor Branding – What are My Options?

At Brand IQ, we deliver a sensible selection of options when it comes to outdoor branding. We offer a variety of outdoor branding locations that can point people to your closest store outlet, inform them about a new product/service, or share a specific message with your audience. We also have a wide range of conventional billboards that can display your billboard skin over a minimum period of 28 days. Brand IQ can assist your business throughout the entire process of design, layout, billboard skin production, and installation to give you peace of mind that we have you covered.

Going Digital

The world around us is going digital – with smart devices in everyone’s hands, people working remotely, and the internet connecting us to the world’s largest digital platform. Brand IQ has several digital billboards that can be your ideal solution to digital outdoor branding – opening new possibilities for versatility. Digital billboards can display a slideshow of ads that follow each other, do not require skin production and installation, can address current events, and target specific locations to deliver a modern and relevant solution to outdoor branding.

When you need an answer to outdoor branding in and around Gauteng, Brand IQ is your first choice! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available locations and contact us directly to enquire about specific outdoor locations today. Take your brand to the next level in 2203 with Brand IQ in your corner!

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