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A Billboard Advertising Company that Takes Care of Everything

Do you want to grow your business and kick off a marketing campaign that targets large audiences to draw in more customers to your business? Brand IQ is your definitive answer to billboard advertising! As a company, we can assist with every step of getting your billboard ad up and running Рfrom the initial design phase to the final installation phase. We have also expanded our selection of billboard locations to include digital billboards, ensuring that we have you covered!

Talk Me Through the Process

If you are interested in running a billboard advertising campaign for your company, it starts with locking down the specific locations and periods over which your ads will display on these locations. Normally, billboard locations are booked in advance and will display a single ad skin for at least 28 days. However, with digital billboard ads, you can run multiple ads throughout specific times of day to target specific audiences. We deliver accurate data on each individual location to give you the means to come up with an accommodating strategy for your ad campaign.

We offer you the option to run a single ad on a single location, rotate a single ad between locations, or run multiple ads on several locations simultaneously. Once you have locked down the specific locations, the next step is to design your ad(s). We can assist with the creative design elements and recommend that you set aside about a month for this process. Therefore, you will have enough time to finalise and approve the design to ensure that it draws attention and gives the viewer an actionable if they are interested in your product/service.

Production and Installation

Once you are happy with the creative elements of your billboard ads, the time has come to produce the skins and install them at the specific sites. We can produce the skins or deliver the specifications to your company if you choose to produce them yourself. The final step is to install the skins at the specified locations and let your company start reaping the benefits of outdoor advertising. Whether you want to promote a new product/service, get the word out on a new store location, or want to introduce your brand to the world, billboard advertising can make a noticeable impact for your company.

Trust Your Professionals

No matter if you are new to the world of billboard advertising or run a company that already utilises billboards, you can trust that Brand IQ will deliver smart and efficient solutions. With hundreds of outdoor advertising locations and professionals that can assist with creative, production, and installation solutions, you can trust us to get the job done when your company wants to put up a billboard ad.

Feel free to browse our website for images and details on our outdoor advertising locations today to see what we can offer your company. You can also contact us directly if you have any enquiries on how we can assist you. Be smart about your advertising with Brand IQ in your corner and take advantage of billboard advertising for your company in South Africa today.

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