Effective Outdoor Advertising Solutions for Your Business

Outdoor advertising is one of the most effective above-the-line marketing solutions for businesses, even in the digital world that we live in today. If your company wants to take advantage of the benefits of outdoor advertising in South Africa, Brand IQ is your answer! We offer a wide selection of outdoor locations that includes conventional billboards and digital billboards, giving you the means to advertise to a broad audience and generate more leads for your business.

Why Should My Business Consider Outdoor Advertising?

Although the primary marketing focus is shifting to online platforms, outdoor advertising can still make an impact and draw more people to your storefront, website, or promoted product/service. We collect valuable information on every location in our repertoire – giving you the means to optimise your outdoor marketing campaign and properly plan where and when you want your billboard to display. You want your billboard to stand out and be memorable, ensuring that those who see it can act on it and remember it.

A Platform for Brand Awareness

People relate to brands and are likely to talk about their preferred brands within a social setting. Therefore, outdoor advertising can be an ideal platform to get your brand out there and introduce it to a larger audience. With targeted online marketing, it can be difficult to cast a wide net when you want to promote your brand. However, billboards are out in the open – for everyone to see. At Brand IQ, we understand the noticeable impact that a billboard ad can potentially have for your business and brand. As a result, we can assist you throughout the entire process of planning out a campaign, designing the billboard skins, producing the skins, and installing them.

The Process of Billboard Advertising

The process of getting your own billboard ad up and running starts with planning. First, you need to identify the ideal locations for your billboard ad and the period over which you want your ad to be displayed. It is wise to plan ahead, as billboard ads normally run for 28 days or more. Once you have chosen the ideal location(s), the design process can start. We can assist with the design and layout of your ad or provide you with the dimensions and requirements to design your own ad.

Once the billboard design is finalised, the skins must be produced. Brand IQ can quote you on production costs if you want us to produce the skins or provide your business with the necessary information to produce the skins on your own. If you want to advertise on a digital billboard, there is no need to produce billboard skins for your ads. All that remains, is to install the skins on their respective billboards once they are produced.

Whether you want to run a single billboard ad and rotate the skin between locations or run multiple ads simultaneously, Brand IQ has you covered. Please browse our website for details on our locations and how we can assist you with outdoor advertising solutions in South Africa today. Take advantage of effective above-the-line marketing solutions with Brand IQ on your side.

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