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Your Solution to a Billboard Advertising Company in Gauteng

Marketing and advertising are crucial elements to running and maintaining a business that relies on customers and clients to choose their products/services. When it comes to outdoor and billboard advertising in and around Gauteng, Brand IQ is your first choice as a company. We offer a wide selection of locations and can assist you through the entire process of getting your advertisements up and running. Therefore, your business can make the most of outdoor advertising solutions with us on your side.

What Should I Expect When Choosing Billboard Advertising for My Company?

When choosing Brand IQ for billboard advertising, the process starts with sourcing and booking available billboard sites that are perfect for your company’s ads. This can be based on target locations, where your billboard is in the same vicinity as your business. It could also be based on site availability and where you want to specifically put up your ads. Our available sites are scattered across Gauteng and the surrounding areas, ensuring that companies in these areas can have the intended reach and scope.

This brings us to the design and artwork of your billboards. We offer an in-house design team to assist you with both. You can also provide us with your own artwork and design. Once the design is finalised, the production and printing of your billboard skins can commence. We can supply your company with a production quote to give you an estimate on the involved costs. Finally, the billboards skins will be installed in their designated locations and your company can start to reap the benefits of professional outdoor advertising with Brand IQ.

How Much Will a Billboard Advertisement Cost Me?

As a billboard advertising company, we offer several billboard sites that range across size, location, and traffic volumes. Therefore, each site’s cost will revolve around the intended lease period, the billboard skin production, and the installation process. The general minimum lease period is 28 days per site. You can choose to run a single skin on a single location, rotate the same skin between sites that have similar dimensions, or run several skins at different locations at the same time. No matter how you plan to approach it, Brand IQ has you covered when it comes to outdoor and billboard advertising solutions in and around Gauteng.

Billboard Advertising for Your Company in 2022

With a new year in full swing, everyone is optimistic about the opportunities that could come from it. This year might be the year that your company reaches new heights, and with billboard advertising solutions from Brand IQ, we can help you make that a reality. We can also assist your company with building and construction wraps and advertising at specific shopping malls in the Gauteng area.

If you are considering outdoor advertising for your company in 2022, Brand IQ is your first choice in Gauteng. Please browse our website for details on how we can assist your business and contact us directly with any questions that you might have about our services. Take advantage of professional billboard advertising today with Brand IQ on your side.

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