Billboard Advertising

Your Answer to Billboard Advertising in Gauteng

Billboard advertising is one of the most efficient ways of above-the-line marketing – allowing for a wide audience to see the advertisement and react to it if they are interested. In contrast to below-the-line marketing solutions, billboards are aimed at the masses and can be the ideal way to grow and expand your brand. Brand IQ is your first choice when you want to utilise billboard advertising solutions in and around Gauteng. We can also assist with building and construction wraps.

Why Should I Consider Billboard Advertising?

A one of the most conventional ways of marketing and advertising, billboards are still useful and successful in a day and age where below-the-line marketing solutions such as online marketing are dominant. Billboards can introduce people to your brand, establish brand recognition, and work towards brand conviction. They are also useful to convey messages, inform people about promotional events, and introduce new products/services. In the end, the benefits of billboard advertising can elevate your business to new levels by drawing in more business, generating new clients/customers, and promoting your brand.

Expected Timeframes and Planning

When considering billboard advertising, you should take the time to carefully plan ahead, starting with the design and printing of the billboard skin itself. We offer an in-house creative team that can assist you with the design and artwork of your billboards. You can also provide us with your own design/artwork. During this time, it is pivotal to ensure that your billboard will carry the necessary information and relay the intended message to people who see the advertisement. As a result, you will maximise the efficiency of the ad while it is displayed, bringing us to the planning part.

Generally, a billboard is booked for a minimum period of 1 month. Therefore, planning ahead will be in your best interest. Brand IQ offers several billboard advertising locations in and around Gauteng, which means that we offer several ways of how you can make the most of your outdoor ads. You can choose to book a single site for more than 1 month, book several sites and let your ad rotate between them, or run 2 or more billboard ads simultaneously. As a result, our solutions offer a versatile method of outdoor advertising to suit the needs of your business and its allocated budget.

Getting Your Billboard Up

This process starts with sourcing and booking available billboard sites that are ideally chosen in accordance with your business. The second part is to finalise the design and artwork of your ad. This is followed by the production process of the skin, which includes printing as well. Once everything is in place and finalised, we can go ahead and install the skin on the designated billboard/s. Brand IQ can assist you with the entire process – from initial design to final installation.

If you need a business partner that can assist you with outdoor and billboard advertising solutions in and around Gauteng, Brand IQ is your first choice. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available services and contact us directly with any enquiries on how we can help you to make the most of billboard advertising in 2022.

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