Advertising Billboards in Gauteng

When it comes to advertising billboards in and around Gauteng, Brand IQ is your comprehensive answer! We assist your business throughout every process to get your billboard up and installed – covering options for design/layout, billboard skin production, and booking ideal billboard locations to target your intended audience. We have 100s of outdoor locations in and around Gauteng, including a selection of digital billboards to choose from!

Where Do We Begin?

When planning to run an ad campaign with an advertising billboard, we begin with booking the intended locations in advance. The common uptime for a billboard ad is 28 days – which requires diligence when booking the site to avoid any overlaps. Brand IQ offers comprehensive data and metrics on every individual billboard to give you the means to identify and book ideal locations that fit your preferences – whether it is in close proximity to your store/outlet or in a favourable area in terms of target audience. Once the locations are set and booked, we move on to the design and layout elements of your ad.

A Captivating Design

An advertising billboard should grab your attention for a few seconds and display all the necessary info in a glance. Brand IQ can assist your business with the design and layout of your billboard ad, or give your business the necessary dimensions to design your own ad. With the design and layout finalised, we move on to the production of the billboard skin. Once again, Brand IQ can produce the skin for you or give you the dimensions to manufacture the skin on your own. The final step is to install your skin on the intended billboard, sit back, and see your advertising billboard go to work for you.

Digital Out-of-Home Billboards

Brand IQ offers a selection of digital advertising billboards in Gauteng – expanding the functionality of billboards to allow for more creative advertising means. Digital billboards do not require skin production or installation, delivering a faster and more cost-effective solution to outdoor advertising. These billboards can be customised to speak to current events, holidays, seasons, or target locations. They can feature multiple slides as opposed to only displaying a static skin for 28 days on end. They can also be booked by multiple entities for an even more cost-effective solution to outdoor branding and advertising.

Unlimited Views

The beauty of an advertising billboard is that everyone can see the ad by simply walking, commuting, or driving by the billboard. As a result, outdoor advertising is one of the most effective tools to grow your brand and reach. It is also an excellent idea to introduce a new brand to the masses or use it as a platform to promote new products/services and specials on your current offerings. The power lies in your hands!

Brand IQ is your answer to outdoor advertising billboards in and around Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for details on our services and contact us directly with any enquiries. Get your brand out there in 2023 with Brand IQ providing the platform for a successful outdoor advertising billboard campaign for your business!

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