Advertising Billboard Solutions for Your Business in Gauteng

When your business considers running an advertising billboard campaign in Gauteng, Brand IQ is your wholistic solution! We offer a wide range of outdoor advertising locations that include conventional and digital billboards, as well as unique signage locations, to ensure that you can maximise your reach and run a successful campaign. Today, we talk about the efficiency of an advertising billboard, its potential to grow your brand, and the various services that Brand IQ can assist you with.

The Efficiency of an Advertising Billboard

The world around us is going digital and most companies are reaping the benefits of various online marketing methods. As a result, conventional billboards are gradually being replaced with digital billboards to break the mould of displaying static images and deliver a platform for a multimedia advertising billboard. Although digital out-of-home (DOOH) billboards are the path forward, your business can still benefit from conventional billboards that are ideally located. The location of your advertising billboard is as important as the content, design, and layout of your ad.

When your business wants a conventional advertising billboard, the process starts with booking the ideal location(s) in advance. Booking in advance will ensure that your ad runs during the specific times that you want your billboard on display, as the minimum uptime of a conventional billboard is 28 days. Brand IQ gathers crucial metric data on each of our outdoor advertising locations to give you a good idea on traffic volumes, popularity, and target audience. Once you have finalised your booking, the process continues into the design and layout of your ad – an area where Brand IQ can assist your business to ensure that your brand gets a wider reach.

Growing My Brand with Outdoor Advertising

One of the biggest benefits of an advertising billboard is that everyone in its vicinity can see the ad – making it a powerful tool for branding. As a result, you want your ad to be simplistic, easy to read, and easy to identify your brand and associate it with your business. This leads to increased brand awareness, and people tend to choose brands that they are familiar with when making purchases. When someone buys one of your products, they will associate your brand with their experience of your product as well, which leads to brand conviction.

Brand IQ’s Useful Services

Once the process of design and layout is complete, the billboard skin must be produced. Brand IQ can assist you with this endeavour or simply give you the dimensions and requirements of the skin if you want to outsource skin production. All that remains, is for your advertising billboard skin to be installed, which Brand IQ will take care of once the time comes around for your ad to go up!

When you need a solution to outdoor advertising, Brand IQ offers a wide selection of advertising billboards in Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for details and billboard locations and contact us directly if you have any enquiries about how we can assist your business today. Take advantage of outdoor advertising solutions with us on your side!

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