Your Solution to Outdoor Branding in Gauteng

Does your business need a solution to outdoor branding in Gauteng? Brand IQ has you covered! We offer over 500 outdoor branding and advertising locations that are predominantly in and around the Gauteng area – including conventional and digital billboards to capture a large audience. When it comes to outdoor branding, Brand IQ can assist with the design, layout, and production of billboard skins and signage, as well as the installation, for a comprehensive approach that can get your brand out there.

The Power of Outdoor Branding

Branding, as a concept, is undeniably effective to work towards brand awareness, recognition, and conviction in your customers. Branded clothing and gifting are some of the most popular choices for businesses. Now, with Brand IQ in your corner, you can invest in outdoor branding to get even more eyes on your brand and display your brand to a mass audience. With the holiday season upon us, the roads will get busier – which means that you have a unique opportunity to advertise your brand with our outdoor branding solutions.

Comprehensive Exposure Measurement

Our outdoor branding and advertising locations are registered with the Out-of-home Measurement Council (OMC) to deliver accurate metrics on our locations regarding traffic flow and travel patterns. As a result, Brand IQ offers accurate and useful data on every location to give you the means to maximise your campaigns and reach your intended target audience. We also price our billboards on impact and reach as opposed to basing its price on location alone. Therefore, our customers enjoy value for money when running an outdoor branding and advertising campaign for their business.

Take the Time to Plan Ahead

Conventional billboards and outdoor signage locations usually display a single ad for 28 days or a month. These locations are booked in advance to avoid any overlapping. Therefore, it is pivotal to plan ahead and target the ideal period over which you want your outdoor branding campaign to run. You must also factor in the time it takes to design and produce your signage and billboard skins before they are ready to be installed. We can assist throughout these processes to ensure that you can get the most out of your advertising campaign and reach your intended audience.

Looking to the Future of Outdoor Advertising

Digital LED billboards are the latest solution to outdoor branding and advertising. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising offers a new and more effective way of displaying large images to mass audiences – cutting down on production costs and opening new opportunities to display multiple images in sequence. Looking to the future, these billboards will display more than just static images – with GIFs and short video ads being the frontrunners to expand media capabilities and give you even more versatility when running an outdoor advertising campaign.

When you need a solution to outdoor branding and advertising for your business, Brand IQ is your solution in Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for details on our locations and contact us directly to enquire about location availability and pricing. Get your brand out there for the world to see with Brand IQ in your corner.

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