Your Solution to a Billboard Advertising Company for Your Business in Gauteng

When your business wants to run an outdoor advertising campaign in Gauteng, Brand IQ is your answer to a professional billboard advertising company. We can assist with conventional and digital billboards and offer a wide variety of billboard locations to give you the means to target specific demographics and areas with your outdoor ads. In this article, we talk about our services and what you can expect when choosing Brand IQ for your company’s outdoor ad campaign.

Elements to Consider for Outdoor Advertising Campaigns

As a billboard advertising company in Gauteng, we deliver comprehensive solutions for businesses that want to utilise outdoor advertising. We offer 100s of billboard locations and gather useful metrics on every individual location to ensure that our customers can book relevant locations to reach their intended target audience. We also provide our knowledge and expertise throughout the processes of billboard design and layout and can assist with billboard skin production to give our customers a wholistic solution.

Standard Billboards vs. Digital Billboards

When it comes to outdoor advertising, you have 2 general options – standard(static) billboards or digital billboards. Both have their own set of advantages that can be utilised for different advertising goals. As a billboard advertising company, we provide both options for our customers. Conventional billboards display a static image, and the billboard skin stays up for a minimum of 28 days. This is an ideal scenario for businesses that want to familiarise people with their brand and expand the reach of their brand in specific areas, since the brand on the billboard is clearly visible and does not rotate into another ad, which would be the case with digital billboards.

Digital billboards offer a more flexible and cost-effective approach. With a digital billboard, there is no need for billboard skin production or installation. Advertisers share ad space on such a billboard to bring down overall costs. Digital billboards allow advertisers to run multiple ads on a single billboard – with the option of running a specific ad during the morning traffic and switching it up to a different ad during the afternoon traffic.

With LED billboards, you have the option to utilise a variety of media types as well – breaking away from static images and adding animated images, slideshows, and short video clips into the mix. During high traffic periods, digital billboards are especially effective, as most people have the time to look at the billboard while waiting for the traffic to move. Advertisers can also keep their ads relevant and address current events and holidays as they happen. This breaks open a world of possibilities, as your business can address current events, announce/promote holiday specials, and customise ads as you see fit.

Brand IQ is your first choice in a billboard advertising company in Gauteng. Please browse our website for a map of our available locations and contact us today if you are interested in running an outdoor ad campaign for your business.

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