Your Definitive Outdoor Advertising Company in Gauteng

Is your business considering outdoor branding and advertising in Gauteng? Brand IQ is your definitive answer to an outdoor advertising company! We offer a wide selection of billboard locations that include both static and LED billboard options to choose from. We gather crucial metric data on every location as well to give you the means to book your locations accordingly – targeting specific audiences and taking advantage of uninterrupted ad space. Today, we discuss the benefits of outdoor branding and advertising, as well as what you can expect when choosing Brand IQ as your partner in billboards.

Conventional Billboards

As an outdoor advertising company, we deliver both digital and conventional billboard locations to choose from. Although most static billboards will be replaced by digital screens eventually, there are still value in conventional billboards and should not be overlooked when considering outdoor ad campaigns. When considering conventional billboards, planning is everything to ensure a successful campaign and avoid missing crucial opportunities. Such a process begins with booking the ideal billboard locations for your ads in advance, as these ads have a minimum uptime of 28 days.

Our wide selection of locations can work to your favour – whether you have a storefront in the vicinity or want to target a specific audience. Once your locations are booked, we can move on to the design and layout of your billboard ads. As an outdoor advertising company in Gauteng, we can assist with the design and layout to ensure that your billboards catch the eye of people driving by and convey the intended message about your products, services, or promotions. Once the design and layout elements are finalised, we move on to the billboard skin production.

Billboard Skin Production and Installation

At Brand IQ, we pride ourselves in being a comprehensive solution as an outdoor advertising company in Gauteng. We can take care of billboard skin production by providing your company with a quotation, or we can simply give you the necessary dimensions and requirements to let you take care of it on your own. Once the production is taken care of, we will install your billboard skin(s) on your booked location(s) for the intended duration.

Going Digital with Outdoor Advertising

Brand IQ offers a range of LED billboard locations as well that can prove to be a feasible alternative to conventional billboards. With a digital billboard, your options become endless – as you can share the ad space with business partners and other companies to reduce advertising costs. These billboards also open a new world to outdoor advertising for your company, as you can utilise various types of media to convey your message. These media types include slideshows, animated images, and videos to give you a modern solution to outdoor advertising.

Brand IQ is your answer to a professional outdoor advertising company in Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for details on our billboard locations in and around Gauteng and contact us today if you have any questions on how we can assist your business with outdoor branding and advertising. Get the most out of billboard advertising with Brand IQ on your side!

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