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Outdoor Advertising Solutions in Gauteng

As a business, marketing consummates a hefty portion of your yearly budget and planning. Several businesses take advantage of ATL and BTL marketing solutions to reach as many people as they possibly can. If you are looking for outdoor advertising solutions in Gauteng, Brand IQ is your answer! We offer several outdoor advertising sites in and around Gauteng, also including areas such as Witbank, Rustenburg, and Secunda to only name a few. With us on your side, you can reach a large audience with billboard skins, building wraps, and other outdoor advertising solutions.

The Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

Billboard advertising is categorised as a method of above-the-line (ATL) marketing. This method of marketing is designed to target a large audience and promote your brand on a wide spectrum, as opposed to below-the-line (BTL) marketing that targets specific audiences based on their location, age, and other elements. Both are effective marketing tools, and we specialise in outdoor advertising solutions to give you the means to take advantage of ATL marketing for your company in and around Gauteng.

Why Should I Choose Brand IQ?

We value our relationships with our clients and business partners, with over 500 outdoor advertising locations that are mainly in Gauteng and the surrounding areas. These locations include gantries, billboards, buildings, and shopping malls. One of the most effective ways to establish and grow your brand is with above-the-line marketing solutions – where everyone can see your brand out in the open. We offer building and construction wraps, billboard skins, and other means of outdoor advertising to ensure that you can make the most of above-the-line marketing benefits and grow/establish your brand.

What You Can Expect When Choosing Brand IQ

If you want to utilise billboard advertising solutions, we offer multiple sites where your billboard skin can be displayed. Normally, billboards are booked for a minimum of 1 month. We offer you a versatile approach, as you can book a single site for several months or choose to book several sites and move your billboard skin between them monthly. You can also run multiple billboards simultaneously. Therefore, you have the freedom to find and utilise the best marketing strategy that fits your budget and expands your business accordingly.

We suggest that you plan your billboards carefully and at least with a timeframe of 3 months in advance. We also suggest that you take time to finalise the design of the billboard and allow for skin printing before-hand. This process can take up to a month to ensure that, once your billboard is up, it conveys the intended message and catches the eyes of people driving by. Proper planning prevents poor performance, and in the case of outdoor advertising solutions, this rings true as well. You can trust that Brand IQ has you covered to ensure that your business can make the most of ATL marketing solutions when choosing us.

Brand IQ is your answer to outdoor advertising in Gauteng and the surrounding areas. Please feel free to browse our website for details on how we can assist you today. You can also contact us directly with any enquiries about our services. Reach a wide audience with outdoor advertising solutions from Brand IQ in 2022.

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