LED Billboard Advertising for Your Business in Gauteng

LED billboard advertising opens new possibilities when it comes to outdoor advertising. If your business is considering outdoor ads in 2023, Brand IQ is your all-inclusive solution to digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising solutions in Gauteng! We offer 100s of locations with accurate data metrics to give you the means to carefully plan and execute a successful outdoor advertising campaign with us on your side. Today, we will discuss the benefits of DOOH and how it is changing the billboard game for the better in a modern world.

Digital vs. Conventional

There are many examples of the age-old argument that the “old days” and “old ways” were better. However, when it comes to outdoor advertising, LED billboard advertising has a clear edge over conventional billboards. Conventional billboards display a static image for a minimum period of 28 days and require the production and installation of a billboard skin. With DOOH, there is no need for a physical billboard skin – only a digital image that is uploaded to a screen. Therefore, DOOH saves valuable time and money when your business wants to utilise outdoor advertising.

The Versatility of DOOH

LED billboard advertising can do much more than only display a single image over an extended period. These billboards are designed to display image sequences – giving you the opportunity to create a slideshow of ads that follow each other and convey the intended message more effectively. For example, your first slide can address a problem or need, your second slide can offer a solution with your product/service, and your third slide can point people to where they can find you – whether online or a close-by store/outlet. Soon, DOOH will also be used for other types of media as well, such as short videos and GIFs.

Increased Customisation Options

With LED billboard advertising, businesses can customise their ads to speak to specific areas, address current issues, and target specific holidays with ease. Because of the quick turnaround times, you can utilise digital billboards to update your ads for Christmas and New-Year’s celebrations or play an April Fool’s joke on your audience – the sky truly is the limit with DOOH. Your business can also share digital ad space to save money and have a more affordable solution for short- and long-term outdoor advertising.

The Future is Now with DOOH

Although DOOH is considered as the “new kid on the block”, LED billboard advertising is the clear future of outdoor advertising. Offering a more affordable, customisable, and visible alternative to conventional billboards, DOOH can have a larger impact on your target audience and give your business a platform to directly speak to your target audience in more creative and effective methods than simply displaying a static image.

When your business needs DOOH solutions in Gauteng, Brand IQ your answer! We can assist with the design and layout of your ads, upload your images to our digital billboards, and give you peace of mind that our experts can maximise your outdoor advertising campaigns. Feel free to browse our website for details on our LED billboard advertising locations and solutions today. Take advantage of DOOH in 2023 with Brand IQ on your side!

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