Digital Billboard Advertising Solutions for Your Business in Gauteng

When your business considers digital billboard advertising in Gauteng, Brand IQ is your all-inclusive solution! We offer a variety of LED screen billboard locations that are scattered across the province to ensure that you can pick the perfect locations for your ads to be shown. We can also assist with conventional billboard locations and the various processes that are involved with conventional billboards. In this article, we compare conventional and digital outdoor advertising to each other, discuss both pros and cons on either side, and talk about the way digital out-of-home advertising can work to the benefit of your business.

Digital vs. Conventional Outdoor Advertising

Digital billboard advertising is taking over the landscape of outdoor advertising as we know it. Because of the ease of access, the overall cost reduction, and the wide array of accommodating media that can be displayed on a digital LED screen, it only makes sense that businesses prefer digital advertising over conventional advertising. However, static billboards are not out of the conversation yet, as these billboards display a single ad for at least 28 days – having its own set of benefits that include brand exposure, brand conviction, and familiarity with the ad.

Conventional billboards require location booking in advance, as the ads stay up for 28 days, whereas digital billboard advertising solutions do not require advanced location bookings. DOOH advertising also cuts the costs by removing the processes of billboard skin production and installation, as the media will simply be uploaded to the LED screen and displayed accordingly. Thus, saving valuable time and money on your end. However, digital billboards do not offer uninterrupted and singular ad space, which is the case with a conventional billboard.

Digital Out-of-Home Advertising for My Business

With a variety of applications and versatility, digital billboard advertising can work to the benefit of your brand and business in a variety of ways. With a digital platform, your business has the option to choose a specific media type to advertise your products or services. Static images are still effective but can be enhanced with animations or building out a slideshow that tells a story and display the applications of your products/services. These slides can also be customised to fit specific locations, speak to current events, and target specific holidays.

Video ads are also becoming increasingly popular when it comes to digital billboard advertising – with advertisers making short video clips that grab people’s attention. These videos can also be used in creative methods and can ensure that your business can make a noticeable impact with your outdoor advertising campaign. In the end, it is about exposing your brand to the world and drawing in more business with your ads. We can assist with these matters and give your brand the platform to reach new heights.

Brand IQ is your comprehensive solution to digital billboard advertising in Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for details on our locations and accommodating services and contact us today if you have any questions on how we can assist your business.

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