Billboard Advertising Solutions for Your Business in Gauteng

When you need a business partner that can assist you with billboard advertising solutions in Gauteng, Brand IQ is your first choice! We can assist your business throughout the entire process of billboard production and deliver a wholistic approach to outdoor advertising to give you a competitive edge in your industry. We can also deliver digital out-of-home (DOOH) solutions with our digital billboards. If you want to enjoy the benefits of billboard advertising and how your business can utilise such a method of marketing, Brand IQ is your answer.

How Do I Get My Ad on a Billboard?

Brand IQ offers several outdoor and billboard advertising locations on which you can display your ad(s). The process starts with identifying the perfect locations for your ad – considering the target audience, location of your business/storefront, and traffic volumes. For conventional billboards, locations must be booked months in advance to avoid any overlapping, as the minimum time for a conventional billboard ad is 28 days. You should also factor in production and creative design elements within this timeframe.

Brand IQ can assist with the creative design of your billboard advertisements with our professional team, as well as the physical production of the billboard skin. Once these processes are finalised and the skins have been produced, we install the advertisement on the designated location. Our solutions offer various versatile options as well – allowing your business to run multiple billboard ads or rotate a single ad between locations. As a result, you can increase lead generation and target specific audiences with your outdoor ads.

Digital Billboard Advertising – Taking Outdoor Marketing to the Next Level

When it comes to conventional billboard advertising, there are some drawbacks to the process, especially the time-consuming production of the physical ad skins. Digital out-of-home advertising revolutionises the way we approach billboard advertising and opens a new world to innovation, marketing strategies, and displayed media. With DOOH solutions, the turn-around times on your ads are drastically reduced to allow you to run multiple ads throughout the course of a day.

For example, you can run a specific ad for the morning traffic and a different ad for the afternoon traffic. You can also cycle between ads to create a slide show that addresses a problem on the first slide, your business’s solution on the second, and a means to get in touch with your business on the third. DOOH also allows the introduction of videos and other forms of digital media that can be displayed as opposed to a static image, which is the case with conventional billboard advertising.

When your business needs an all-inclusive solution to billboard advertising in Gauteng, trust that Brand IQ has you covered. With several conventional and DOOH billboard locations spread across Gauteng, you can take advantage of a well-suited outdoor marketing strategy to reach your intended target audience and generate more business. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available services and outdoor marketing solutions for your business and contact us today if you are interested!

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