Billboard Advertising

Billboard Advertising Made Easy for Your Business

Billboard advertising is an effective method to target a broad audience, create brand awareness, and drive more people to your business. Brand IQ is your answer when it comes to billboard advertising in and around Gauteng. We offer about 500 locations and can assist you throughout the entire process of getting your billboard(s) up – from booking locations to design, production, and installation. As a result, if you want to take advantage of outdoor advertising opportunities for your company, we have you covered.

Make an Impact with a Billboard Ad

Our billboard locations are scattered across the larger areas of Pretoria and Johannesburg, each with its own unique traits regarding traffic volumes, popularity, and reach. These factors are considered and calculated into the lease pricing of our locations, ensuring that you will get the most bang for your buck and optimise your available budget to get the best possible returns. We can deliver accurate data on our available locations to give us the means to plan an outdoor advertising campaign in accordance with your marketing goals. This will allow your business to make an impact with a billboard ad and reach your target audience in the process.

Casting a Wide Net with Outdoor Ads

Above-the-line (ATL) marketing, such as billboard advertising, casts a wide net to reach a broad audience within specific parameters. In the case of billboard ads, those parameters include location, traffic volumes, and overall reach/visibility. Therefore, you are likely to attract new customers to your business as well. People who are not familiar with your brand, business, or products/services can be introduced to these elements of your business with a billboard ad, which is one of the most unique elements of outdoor advertising in direct comparison to below-the-line marketing solutions.

Basic Factors to Consider Surrounding Billboard Advertising for Your Business

If you are considering billboard advertising for your business, there are several basic factors that you should consider before-hand. These include identifying your target market and the location of the majority of your client base. Billboards can also be used to relay vital information to your customers, such as store relocation, rebranding, or launching a new product/service. Finally, you should consider your marketing goals and accommodating budget for the specific billboard campaign, ensuring that you can present us with a clear vision on which we can build a campaign with you.

A general rule of thumb in our industry is to plan your billboard ads at least 3 months in advance since specific locations are booked out 6 to 12 months in advance. We also recommend a period of 1 month for the creative process and billboard skin production. In this case, proper planning prevents poor performance, meaning that if you allocate the time to properly plan and execute your billboard ads, you can make the most of your returns and reap the benefits of outdoor advertising for your business.

Brand IQ is your first choice when it comes to billboard advertising solutions in and around Gauteng. Please browse our website for details on our services and feel free to contact us directly for quotation requests and any other enquiries.

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