Billboard Advertising

Your Solution to Billboard Advertising in Gauteng

If you want to maximise your audience reach with above-the-line marketing, Brand IQ is your solution to billboard advertising in and around Gauteng! We offer a variety of outdoor advertising locations to allow you to broaden your spectrum and reach more people. We can assist with the design, layout, and creative elements of your ad as well. Therefore, you can trust that Brand IQ can assist your business through every step of getting your billboards up and running in ideal locations.

The Process of Billboard Advertising

Normally, billboards are booked in advance and advertisements run for a minimum period of 1 month. With Brand IQ, you can book a single site for multiple months, book multiple sites and rotate your ad between them, our run multiple ads simultaneously. This is where the process of billboard advertising kicks off – determining the ideal location(s) for your ad and booking them in advance. We recommend that you plan 3 months in advance, along with an extra month to finalise the creative process and skin printing. We can assist with he creative, as well as give you a quotation for the production of the billboard skin.

Once the booking, creative, and production processes are complete, the final step is to install your billboard skin(s) at their designated location(s). Each location has its own unique parameters regarding size, type, traffic volumes, impact, and reach. These elements factor into the cost of the location, and we can provide you with accurate exposure measurement data for each of our locations. This will allow you to pick the ideal locations that are based on your goals, target audience, reach, and budget – optimising your outdoor advertising ad campaign.

The Advantages of Billboard Advertising

Although the majority of marketing experts agree that online marketing and other below-the-line marketing solutions are key in this modern world, billboard advertising’s undeniable impact and broad reach are still some of the most effective elements to grow your brand, reach your audience, and drive more people to your business. With a carefully planned and executed outdoor advertising campaign, you can grow brand awareness, push promotions, inform your target audience, and expand your reach to take your business to the next level.

Billboards are memorable and stand out from their surrounding environment. Therefore, your billboard can make an impact and not simply fade away into a plethora of ads. This brings us to the importance of ensuring that the creative design and layout of your billboard ad is eye-catching and will stick with a person who saw your ad. You can trust our experts to deliver on the creative side and bring out the bet elements of your ad to make it even more impactful and effective once the billboard is up.

Brand IQ is your answer to outdoor billboard advertising solutions in ad around Gauteng. Please browse our website for a gallery of our available locations and feel free to contact us today with any enquiries about our locations and prices. Take advantage of outdoor advertising for your business today!

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