Your Answer to Advertising Billboards in Gauteng

Does your business need a solution to advertising billboards in Gauteng? Brand IQ is your first choice! We can assist businesses with conventional and digital display billboards, as well as various outdoor advertising locations, to ensure that our clients can get the most out of their outdoor marketing campaigns. Today, we discuss the efficiency of an advertising billboard, the process of getting your ad up and running, and what you can expect from Brand IQ.

The Process of Billboard Advertising

By following our diligent process of getting your advertising billboard up and running, we deliver a professional and meticulous solution for our clients. This process begins with booking the ideal billboard location(s) for your ad(s). We offer a variety of locations in and around Gauteng to ensure that you can target your intended audience and area. Brand IQ also collects valuable data and metrics on every individual location to give you more info that covers traffic volumes, billboard popularity, and other useful elements. Billboard locations must be booked in advance to avoid any overlapping, as the minimum uptime for a billboard skin is 28 days.

Once the locations are booked, we move on to the design of the billboard ad – a crucial element that can define the efficiency of your ad. Brand IQ can assist your business with experienced graphic designers to deliver their expertise on the design and layout of your ad. Once the design is finalised, we move on to billboard skin production. Brand IQ can take care of skin production on your behalf or give you the necessary dimensions and requirements to produce the skin on your own. All that remains, is for your advertising billboard skin to be installed and your business to reap the benefits of a large outdoor ad!

The Efficiency of an Advertising Billboard

Although we live in a time where businesses tend to advertise online, outdoor advertising is still an efficient method of reaching a broad audience with Above-The-Line (ATL) marketing. You can utilise your advertising billboard in various methods as well – letting people know where they can find you, how much they can expect to pay for your products/services and introducing them to brand-new offerings from your business. Your billboard ads can also serve as a method of outdoor branding – introducing your brand to audiences that might not have heard of your brand otherwise.

Digital Billboard Advertising

Brand IQ offers digital advertising billboard opportunities for our clients. These billboards open a brand-new method of outdoor advertising – able to show short video clips, animated display ads, and slideshows as opposed to only a single, static image. This revolution in outdoor advertising also opens the door for shared ad space – where multiple businesses can advertise on the same billboard and share the costs. As a result, your business can save valuable time and money while still gaining the advantages of professional outdoor advertising.

Brand IQ is your first choice regarding advertising billboards in Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for details and contact us today if you are interested in our services. Choose Brand IQ today and experience the benefits of outdoor advertising with us in your corner!

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