Your Solution to Digital Out-of-Home Advertising in Gauteng

When your business wants a modern solution to outdoor branding and advertising, Brand IQ is your answer in Gauteng! We offer a sensible selection of LED billboard advertising locations that can be used to the benefit of your brand and business. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is still new and fresh as a concept and can be considered as a market disruptor in the field of outdoor branding and advertising. Today, we talk about the possibilities and benefits of LED billboard advertising and what you can expect from Brand IQ when choosing us to run such a campaign.

Static vs. Digital

Conventional billboards offer uninterrupted ad space and can be useful for brand exposure and promotional advertising. However, these billboards only display static images that must be up for at least 28 days. Most static billboards are being replaced with LED screens that deliver a digital solution for billboard ads. These screens break open a new world of opportunities for outdoor branding and advertising – giving businesses more options for tailored ads and different types of media.

Endless Possibilities

LED billboard advertising lends itself to tailored ads – where businesses can target specific times of day, specific holidays, current events, and specific locations. If you want to capitalise on holidays and current events, you only need an updated media file to replace your current media file during such times as opposed to being stuck with a static image, which is the case with conventional billboards. You can also rotate your ads based on the time of day – where you run a specific ad in the mornings and a different ad in the afternoons.

LED billboard advertising also gives opportunities for businesses to share ad space and save valuable money during outdoor ad campaigns. With DOOH advertising, a single LED screen can display a variety of ads over a short amount of time – which can be useful to businesses that want to collaborate and save some money on ad space. With the ease and comfort of simply uploading digital files to the billboard, you have complete control over your outdoor ad campaign and can make the most of relevant advertising opportunities for your brand and business.

Brand IQ’s Services and Solutions

When choosing Brand IQ for LED billboard advertising, you get the complete package regarding design and layout solutions and optimisations, as well as quick and efficient upload times to ensure that your ads can target specific times. We can also assist with conventional billboard solutions if you want to try out a static billboard that is in your storefront’s area or targets your specific target market. We offer a wholistic approach to billboard branding and advertising to give you various options and opportunities to optimise your outdoor ad campaigns – whether you want LED billboard advertising or conventional billboard advertising.

Brand IQ is your first choice for LED billboard advertising in Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for details on our LED billboard locations and contact us if you are interested in the advantages of DOOH advertising for your company in Gauteng. Optimise your brand reach with Brand IQ on your side!

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