Your Answer to Outdoor Advertising in Gauteng

When your business wants to run an outdoor advertising campaign in Gauteng, Brand IQ is your answer! We offer a wide variety of billboard locations to choose from – giving you the means to utilise outdoor advertising to the benefit of your business. Brand IQ can also assist your business with the design, layout, skin production, and installation processes to ensure that you can get the most out of your billboards. In this article, we discuss the process of getting your billboard up and running and the various benefits that you can expect from outdoor advertising.

Where Do I Begin with Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor advertising starts with booking your billboard locations in advance. Since billboards have a minimum uptime of 28 days, it is crucial to book your locations in advance to avoid disappointment. Brand IQ gathers useful metric data on every individual location to give you a better picture of specific locations when booking them. These metrics include traffic volumes, target demographics, and site popularity to only name a few. Once you have booked the ideal locations for your billboards, the next step is to finalise the design and layout of your billboard ads.

During the design and layout process, Brand IQ will supply your business with the dimensions, specifics, and requirements for the final design. We can also assist your business throughout this process – giving you our expert input on various elements of your design. The most important aspect of an outdoor advertising billboard is your brand. Statistics show that billboards that feature brands are more memorable than those without any branding. As a result, your outdoor advertising billboards can also be used to grow your brand.

Billboard Skin Production and Installation

Once your designs are finalised, the billboard skin production process can commence. Brand IQ can quote your business to take care of it for you, or we can simply give your business the specific dimensions and requirements if you wish to handle it yourself. It is crucial to ensure the quality of these skins, as they will endure outdoor weather conditions and must be capable to withstand such conditions. This also applies to advertisers that book multiple billboard locations and want to rotate their billboard skins between these locations.

With the billboard skin production completed, all that remains, is to install your billboard skins once the time comes. With your skins installed, your business can start to reap the benefits of largely visible and uninterrupted outdoor advertising billboards. These billboards can be utilised for various applications that include promotions, announcements, and store location directions to name a few feasible options. Brand IQ can also assist with digital billboard solutions if you want to use digital media for your outdoor advertising campaign.

Brand IQ is your solution to outdoor advertising in Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for a complete map of our available locations and contact us if you have any questions on how we can assist your business today. Take advantage of outdoor advertising for your business in 2024 with us in your corner!

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