Advertising Billboards for Your Business in 2023

Does your business want to run billboard ads in 2023? Brand IQ is your answer to more than 100 advertising billboard locations in and around Gauteng! We can assist your business with identifying the ideal locations, booking these locations in advance, designing your ads, producing the skins, and installing them on site. Today, we will look at how you can approach billboard ads for your business and what you should consider when booking locations in advance.

The Essentials

Advertising billboard locations are booked in advance because of a minimum period of 28 days that a single ad is displayed on a single location. To avoid any overlapping or double bookings, it is essentials to carefully plan around the availability of billboard locations – allowing your business to maximise the potential of your billboard ad. Conventional advertising billboards require complete design and production work as well, bot of which Brand IQ can assist your business with. We can also supply the dimensions and requirements if you want to do it yourself.

The Impact

Advertising billboard locations are mainly along highways and busy roads/streets to optimise the visibility and reach of these locations. Brand IQ can supply your business with crucial metrics and data that we gather on every individual location to ensure that you can identify and book ideal locations that are in the vicinity of your store and/or to target your specific demographic of potential clients/customers. The impact of your advertising billboard will heavily depend on timing, design/layout, and relevance – emphasising the prep work that is required to run a successful outdoor advertising campaign.

What Are My Options?

With Brand IQ, the sky is the limit on how you wish to approach advertising billboards. You can either book a single location and run a single ad over the course of 28 days, or go a different direction and be more aggressive. Booking multiple locations allows you to rotate a single ad between these locations every 28 days, and allows you to run multiple ads simultaneously. In the end, it comes down to what you want to accomplish with your billboards, and Brand IQ here to make it a reality for your business.

LED Billboards – The Future of Outdoor Advertising

Digital advertising billboards are the future of billboard advertising, and already in full swing. Brand IQ offers a sensible selection of LED billboard locations – cutting out the process of skin production and installation for a more accessible and flexible approach. With a digital advertising billboard, you can customise your ads to fit specific days, address specific areas, and be current and sensitive to recent events in the world. Therefore, viewers of your ad can relate to your brand and be convinced to act on your ad more frequently.

Brand IQ is your comprehensive solution to outdoor advertising billboards in and around Gauteng. Please browse our website for details on our available locations and contact us directly to enquire about availability and bookings. Kick off 2023 on the right foot with our solutions to advertising billboards for your business and brand!

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