Would you like to earn additional revenue from your property (including vacant land/property) with no capital outlay? This is easily achievable with Brand IQ Outdoor Advertising specialists.  Over the past 14 years many landlords have chosen Brand IQ as their Outdoor Advertising specialists’ partner. Your property can be turned into a prime advertising platform with a high revenue stream.

Brand IQ has a total turnkey operation with an exceptional track record and recognizes that it is our corporate responsibility to minimize the potential for causing harm to the environment in all aspects of our activities.  We strive to build aesthetically pleasing structures that complement and add to the existing architecture. We believe in sustainable business practices and improve our environmental stewardship. Our maintenance track record is impeccable in this industry, therefore this should be of no concern to our landlords.  When considering the base size of our structures bear in mind that it only takes up approximately 2m² of ground space, and in many cases no ground space at all, for example wall sites.

Therefore our motto is:- You provide the property, Brand IQ does the rest.