As a Gauteng based outdoor service provider, Brand IQ is one of the fastest growing outdoor company’s in South Africa.  We will continue to grow our holding and expand advertising opportunities in order to provide you with superior visible structures. Our innovative concepts and the wealth of experience  we have accumulated over the past 14 years allow us to provide an outdoor buffet of advertising platforms that are highly visible and stand out from the clutter.  Our outdoor solutions are wrapped up into specific tailor made cost effective packages, with superior national coverage from low LSM to high LSM groups, making it possible for you to deliver clear competitive advantages to your advertisers.

While we aggressively grow, our primary focus is to maintain our high level of service and to ensure that our clients’ needs are always met, we have adopted the policy of quality before quantity.  Brand IQ’s comprehensive portfolio of advertising opportunities includes some of  South Africa’s most spectacular landmarks  and prominent sites such as the Old Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

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